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Thanks Matt! Those all sound welcome in our garden. Will add note in my order. =)

Cheers! I still have them set aside for you :)

Got my seeds FAST and in perfect condition - plus some goodies! Great communication. Will order from again  8)

Thank you again!  Hope to take you up on that sour offer some day.  Cheers :)

Just placed an order, I've not heard of or seen a lot of these new varieties, I'm really excited to give these a shot. Thanks Matt!

Hey thank you!  Happy growing.

Really like your site and got a few things in the cart.

Do you have any peppers similar to CGN 21500?

I do have some CGN 21500 if you are interested in them.  Not enough to put on the site, but you're welcome to them.  Also have a few different crosses I could include.  CGN 21500 x Scarlet Lantern, CGN 21500 x Barrackpore Red, CGN 21500 x Barrackpore Peach, and CGN 21500 x Isabella Island Galapagos Habanero. Jut mention that in the comments part of your order if you do.

Seeds are here! Thanks so much cant wait till i need more haha. The mattapenio im very excited for!

Thank you too!  I hope everything does well for ya.  The Mattapeno do not like much light and can be slow growing. Something to keep in mind :)

Orders in! These will really up my veggie game!!!!! Thanks again!

Thank you much!  You should have a photo of your order in your email. 

I hope everything does well for ya.


Awesome! I love funky peppers.

Are you into sauteeing peppers at all? I've been digging growing the Corbaci because they have such winding curly form, it's awesome, beautiful, and frys up nice.

Not too often.  I usually make sauce and spicy salts with my leftovers (once I take the seeds out, lol). 

Use the code XMAS at checkout for 20% off any order over $25 :)

 ;D ;D ;D

Thanks dude!  I just sent a confirmation email with a picture of your order.  I used to live down there too!  Went to IU back in the day. 

Cheers and thank you again!

Use the code XMAS at checkout for 20% off any order over $25 :)

Awesome collection! Definitely interested in a lot of these for the spring

A couple of questions for ya:
-Your pick(s) for flavorful/rich large tomato?
-Love the taste of habanero; which varieties would recommend based off that? Lower the heat, the better
-For both tomatoes and peppers, what are some interesting varieties with unique flavor profiles?


Purple Peppermint and Great White Blue were really nice big boys.  I am also very partial to the Reisetomate Tomato mostly because of how odd it looks, but it's very tangy and tasty too. 

I would go with the Galapagos Habanero and Peppapeach.  The latter was my favorite this season and I will grow it every year for sauces and snacking.  Right amount of heat.  Nice and crunchy. Galapagos Habs I like to use in salads or pickles.  I grow those every year as well.

My girlfriend's favorite tomatoes this year were the Honey Drop Yellow Cherry.  She would go snag those first before I could squeeze the seeds out. Lol.  I do like the Ajis and Fish peppers.  Fish have the variegated leaves as well as a really nice taste.  Any of the Ajis are also right about my speed.  Scotch Bonnet's and Red Savina habs are also very flavorful (and popular for sauces, etc).  Bird Aji is my favorite for drying and tossing a couple in any meal.  Very nice flavor, not too hot, and they dry very easily if just left to sit out.  I grow those every season as well. 


O man so many iv never herd of!!! I love my sweet tomatos. What would you recommend for a super sweet tomato? Also any super sweet peppers?

Lesya and Candy Cane Chocolate Cherry were my favorite sweets this year - along with the Lipstick and Snake peppers.

My favorite tomato was the Cherry Blue Cream Berry.  Everglades are always a favorite, they volunteer every year and tend to take over, so if you grow those keep 'em away from anything you care about lol

Tropical Vegetables and Other Edibles - Buy, Sell, & Trade / Pepper seeds
« on: December 06, 2021, 06:21:33 AM »
Hello there. I have started a pepper (and tomato) seed website recently.  Let me know if you have any questions!  Cheers, Matt

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Pitangatuba Seedlings For Sale
« on: October 24, 2020, 07:11:19 AM »
All good. :)  I have a couple plants up here, just impatient to try the fruit.  Thanks for the reply!

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Pitangatuba Seedlings For Sale
« on: October 23, 2020, 10:11:20 AM »
Do you sell the fruit?

Posted this in the wrong subforum it seems.  Don't see an option to move it or delete it.  Apologies.  :o


$3 each or 10 packs for $25.  Includes shipping worldwide.  PayPal or Venmo accepted. 

A few are non-pepper seeds, but figured I would list them. Everything was grown in my gardens open pollinated.

 **New Seeds** (added July 14th)

* Cap 212
* Bird Aji
* CGN 23255
* Cumari Pollux
* 7 Pot Barakapore
* 7 Pot Nebru
* 7 Pot Jonah UFO
* 7 Pot Pink
* Aji Pineapple
* Aji Mango
* Bishops Crown
* Blue Christmas
* Black Hungarian
* Bahamian Goat
* Brazilian Starfish Red
* Chinese Five Color
* Carolina Reaper
* Chocolate Ghost
* Cherry Bomb
* Chocolate Fatali
* Derkson
* Fish Pepper
* Red Fatalii
* Filius Blue
* Ghost (red)
* Hot Pops Purple
* Holiday Time
* Murupi
* Lemon Habanero
* Manzano
* Numex Easter
* Pequin
* Rezha
* Rocoto (orange)
* Scorpion
* Scotch Bonnet
* Sport
* Sugar Rush Creme
* Swiss Chocolate
* Thai Dragon
* Tobasco
* Tigerbibi (peach)
* White Peach
* White Ghost
* White Devil's Tongue
* Reisetomate Tomato
* Tamarillo
* Spiny Lulo
* Jerusalem Cherry
* Brad's Atomic Tomato


* 7 Pot Congo x ?
* Achocha Cucumber
* Aji Limon
* Ancient
* BB7 X Tobasco
* Black Pearl
* Big Bang Space Chili
* Biquino Iracena
* Black Olive
* Bleeding Heart Yellow
* Brazilian Pumpkin
* Brazilian Starfish Orange
* Buena Mulata
* CAP 691
* CGN 21566
* CGN 22795
* CGN 22875
* CGN 25360
* CP 115
* Cannibal Tomato
* Choco Ghost Jami
* Count Dracula
* Cumari Pollux
* Devil's Rib
* Dragonís Breath
* Farmer's Market Jalapeno
* Fatali Gourmet Jigsaw
* Galapagos Habanero
* Galapagos Tomato
* Goat's Weed
* Inca Drop
* Jorge's Mexican Wild
* Kangaroo Apple
* Krishna Jolokia
* Macapa
* Mako Kokoo Yellow
* Mojo Scoundrel
* Monkey Face Yellow
* Mouse Melon
* Muripi Amarela
* NOT Mutant Candlelight
* NOT Ulupica XL
* NOT Wiri Wiri
* Nosegay
* Orange Blob
* PI 281317
* PI 439452
* PI 543208
* Paprika Alma
* Peach Fantasy
* Piaxo Neyde
* Bibieri
* Pimenta Kathumby
* Pink Tiger X Peach Bhut
* Purple Creme Tiger
* Purple Flower Baccatum
* Purple Variegated
* Reaper X Peach Ghost
* Red Carbonera
* Red Lightning Habanero
* Fidalgo Roxa
* Rooster Spur
* Salvatico
* Scarlet Lantern X CGN 21500
* Shu
* Slovakia #3
* Sugar Rush Red
* Tepin X Lemon Drop
* Thunder Mountain Longhorn
* Tobago Treasure
* Trinidad Purple Coffee
* Trinidad Red Cherry
* Trinidad Red Perfume
* Uchu Creme
* Variegato
* Venezuelan Purple
* Vladan Beauty
* Wartyx Grenade
* West Indies Red
* White Thai
* Yellow BB7 X Butch T
* Yellow Reaper
* Zizibu


Lots more photos here

Watch Weird Explorer try some of my peppers

Mine showed up looking good.  Only had one that was not in the best shape. All others were fine (and already eaten).  Thanks! :)

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Bloodlime seedlings.
« on: May 11, 2019, 08:28:24 PM »
Awesome I have the same tree, mine has hundreds of fruit on it this year, I may have to do the same and start selling the seedlings 🌱

I would be interested in buying some fruit if you happen to be willing to ship. :)


are the seeds from self-pollinated plants? very difficult to grow different peppers without cross pollination.


I mentioned in the post that these are open pollinated.  But I keep the plants I plan to save seed from in pots away from one another, and that's about all the trouble I'm willing to go through.  Otherwise it would be cost/time prohibitive.  Crosses are few and far between in my experience.

Jared from Weird Explorer reviewed a few of these I grew.  Here's the video he put out today:

Giving this a bump.  Now is a good time to start peppers indoors and get a decent harvest from your plants throughout next year

I have a few CORG plants too.

I picked up a couple from Abimael.  But thanks for looking out :)

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: WTB Finger Lime Seeds
« on: December 17, 2018, 01:24:22 PM »
Where are you located

If you have not gotten the Cherry of Rio Grande plants, I have them.

I'm interested if you still have some.  Or seeds/fruit too.

Everything arrived quickly and in great shape. Appreciate the extras, too.   :)  Thanks, Frank!

Not sure how much interest there would be in these, but figured I'd offer them while they're fresh.  Open to trades, too.

$15 for 20 fruits in a small padded envelope. Includes shipping. US only.

Those are very cool.   :)

Thanks for the suggestions/ideas. :)   I have tried the orange/ripe ones before, and you're right.  These green ones are pretty cucumber-y inside. 

Those round ones are pretty neat looking too. 

I don't think I'll bother growing these again.  And I didn't realize they had such a long shelf life...maybe they'd make for some nice White Elephant gifts during Christmas time. lol

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