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--- Quote from: SDPirate on September 26, 2022, 05:19:03 PM ---Hey all.

Coastal southern California native here very close to Mexico border.  I started out with dragonfruit and ice cream bean, now I have a ton more variety of plants including red atemoya, other Annonas, guava and guava relatives, a few different Eugenias, jaboticaba, thimbleberry etc.  I think because I mostly work from home these days I just have more time to get into this hobby.  So far everyone has mostly been friendly and welcoming and its great to hear from other people that are knowledgeable on the topic.

I hope one day all my trees and plants bear fruit so I can share with family and friends.  Wishing you all good fortune in your gardens.  Peace!

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Welcome!   How is the ice cream bean?  And do you know what type you have?  I started one from seed that is finally flowering now, but I've never tried the fruit.  Mine is inga edulis

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I am not entirely sure, I believe it is inga edulis.  It was a little bit slow growing at first, but it started to pick up in summer.  I think I still got a ways to go before flowering even, though it has threw out more foilage recently.   I have a couple seedlings as well from a fruit grown from seed at the same nursery that I picked up my current one.

Ah I was thinking you already had fruit.  Mine is in a container, trunk diameter is about 1.5" and it just flowered for the first time this week.  It has been trouble-free. 


 Im from townsville in north queensland. a bit further south than the best tropical fruit region but still trying a few of the harder ones. in a suburban house so i dont have as many trees as i wish i could but i have about 25-30 different fruits.

 currently have two durians which are struggling after loosing most of the leaves during the long winter but seem to have a ton of new growth errupting as well as a mangosteen. my rambuatan, lychee, longan, jackfruit, soursop and sapodilla are all dong great. also have 4 other garcinias, 7 jabuticabas of a few different types, 3 bananas, 8 citrus and a few figs. quite a few other topicals and somewhat less interesting fruits and flavors/spices aswell.

here to meet other people and learn like everyone else. also keen to visit other properties in the area to lean some more. most of my trees are still young but plenty are starting to fruit which is exciting

Hi, I'm Greg. I live in Southern California. I have a general interest in tropical fruit and a specific interest in fruiting cacti.

Hello! I'm from socal as well. I have grown vegetables for a while but just getting into fruit trees and I love it.


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