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I am Jimmy Castillo from Rizal, Philippines. I am   a senior citizen , interested in tropical fruit trees for my home garden. I have mango, avocado rambutan, carambola, mangosteen, and garcenia (cowa). I also planted asian pear, persimmon, apple, pomelo and duriian. I know clearly that some of these plants require cold temp to fruit. But..I want them.

I am looking for good seeds or cuttings- for garcenia humilis or Achacha for my garden. I home you can share seeds if you are in Australia or Bolivia.

I also want  to try cold weather fruit seed or cuttings for cherry, peach, plum , grapes that grow in warm climates.

Thank you for any kind person who can share.

Hello All,

      I live in Grant, Fl (South Brevard County) on a 6+ acre property my wife and I purchased six years ago.  I spent nearly every free moment of the last ten years reading up on growing fruit trees and finally after years of anticipation, planted out a 2 acre permaculture (fish) designed orchard this summer.  Mango is the dominant species with about thirty varieties so far, but I also have numerous avocados bananas, lychee etc.  I'm here to learn from those who've been doing it for years as well as those who are just starting out like myself and everyone in between.  If I can pass on a bit of info after all the help and patience I've received, even better!  Excited to be here and start reading through old posts!

Welcome new members! I never check this part of the forum, until now. Most members probably only read the Discussion and Trades/Sales sections.

We all love garden and fruit pics, so show us what's going on in your grove/plot.

Hello all,
I found this forum looking for help with my single Mango tree. I'm not an experienced gardener. The tree produced a nice crop of Mangoes 2 yrs ago. Last year...ONE Mango.  :-\ Hoping to learn.

Hello from Canada,
I have a small tropical container tree greenhouse and have been working on trying to grow fruit which arenít available (or poor quality) this far North. Iíve had the greenhouse for almost 6 years and tried many experiments with climate control as well as sustainable homemade fertilizers and pesticide free insect control. I joined this forum trying to see if there are other weirdos like me who have ideas/solutions that I havenít thought about yet.

So far Iíve been able to fruit yellow dragon fruit, feijoia, peaches, guava, jaboticaba, namwah banana, Longan, passion fruit, sugar apple, lemon/limes.

My failures include trying to control scale with predatory bugs, mango (just ate my first one but have killed 10 trees) lychee and sweet oranges.

Hoping to exchange ideas and gain some wisdom.

Take care,


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