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yuzu seeds available - ending Dec 26


Yuzu seeds available, free shipping, will send you 2 seeds. Only available for the next 4 days.

Yuzu is a cold-hardy sour citrus, and the rind is very fragrant. (Not very good for eating though, but the zest is used to flavor things)

Can also send some limequat seeds if you want (Mexican lime x kumquat)

For best germination results, peel off the outer coating of the seed and wrap it in a moist (not too wet though) paper towel and place in a sealed plastic bag, leave in a warm place and wait 2-4 weeks. Then plant sprout in moist potting soil in a plastic cup. Cover the top with plastic wrap to hold in moisture, but punch 2 or 3 tiny holes in the top. Keep in a warm place with an overhead lamp.

Yuzu is hardy to 10 F, and there are even a few specimens growing outside in Seattle (if the tree was planted after it already reached decent size).

Sorry, won't send to Europe or Florida.

leave a post below and then send a PM with address

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I'm interested

I am interested if you have any left.
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Fresh Yuzu seeds are now available again. Ask within the next 14 days (starting January 17, 2022).


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