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Its Now Time To Foliar Feed For Best Crop Of Fruit

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Winter prebloom foliar spray application of low Biuret urea is known to greatly increase flower number, thus greater crop yield.  Proper timing is important to achieve the desired outcome.  Winter prebloom sprays are designed to increase flower number and fruit yield without reducing fruit size. Winter prebloom foliar sprays with low biuret urea (46-0-0 <0.5% biuret) is applied at the rate of .44-lbs. (200-grams) in 2 gallon of water plus one teaspoon of a good surfactant per gallon.. For large area sprays (acres) 50-lbs. per 225 gallons water. NOTE: a second low biuret urea foliar spray should also be done after early fruit drop and June drop periods to insure an  increase in fruit size.  In most areas  this would be around July 1 to July 20.

Hello my friend, thank you for your post. Most of my citrus trees are full of flowers but a bit yellow since summer dry period so i will do it in next days! Thank's.  ;D

Luisport, I'm not sure about the blooming period in your area, However, in the future make your low biuret foliar spray about 1 to 2 months prior to the expected bloom date.

A friend has a Gold Nugget Mandarin on Flying Dragon. It was purchased as a "5-gallon" tree and has been in the ground for three years. It's still really small. Would the .44-lbs. per 2 gallons of water (actually a gallon or less would probably suffice) mixture be recommended for this tree?



Waiting, nitrogen is one of the most use elements for a citrus tree.  Of all fertilizer nutrients used as a foliar spray on citrus, urea is the most readily accepted nutrient by the tree.  Urea absorbs into the tree through the leaves faster that any other element. It most certainly would help  the tree to get going.  Just be sure the urea you apply is low biuret.  100 grams/ 1-gallon, spray to good coverage, but do not over due it. Spray earlier in the morning or in the evening. Do not spray a citrus tree during the heat of he day.


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