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Scions for sale or exchange - EU only


While stocks last.

If exchange it is 1 scion against 1 scion.
If purchase the price and 5 euros the scion below 5 scions ordered.
And of 3 euros the scion beyond 10 scions ordered.
Shipping costs not included.
Payment by paypal, I would start sending to the interested party from January 15.

Reine claude dorée
Reine claude oullins
Reine claude violette
Mirabelle de nancy
Mirabelle de metz
Mirabelle parfumée de septembre
Quetsch d'Alsace
Black amber
Black star
Blackthorn with sweet fruits ( prunus x fructicans )
Gold plum
Yellow of fey

Cerisier/cherry tree
Coeur de pigeon
Guigne charentaise ( Looks like montmonrency but sweeter )

Figuier/figs tree
Madeleine des 2 saisons
Brown turkey
Longue d'aout

Pommier/apple tree
Lune rouge
Rose d'Helnut
Reinette ananas
Chailleux ( drap d'or )
Pigeonnet de Jérusalem
Red delicious
Court pendu gris
Patte de loup
Grise du canada
Reinette de France
Reinette ananas
Belle Joséphine de la brie
Framboise d'oberland
Reine des reinette
Transparente de croncel
Nouvelle France
Tienshan ( malus sieversii )
Coeur de boeuf
Calville blanc d'hiver
Hall's pink
Jacque lebel
Moisson lente
Astracan rouge
Framboise d'holowaust

Apple for cider
Rouge bruyère
Tête de brebis


Update of my 2022 list ( I start with the varieties I am looking for, the varieties I offer are after )

(( For the exchange I only accept known varieties (referenced by literature), because otherwise I am obliged to make research and that makes lose time for the exchanges, which can finish cancelled. ))

Varieties wanted:
(I do not forbid the pro to make me their proposals but considering an important point. I only buy scions or seeds, not whole trees already grafted.)
It is also because I find it more practical for international exchanges or sales.
Another reminder: the varieties I have indicated in my donation list are varieties made for donation. The others are made for exchange or if you don't have what I'm interested in selling at 5 euros per scions. The goal is to buy a scion of which I am looking for the variety. What comes back to the same thing in the end.

Citrus fruit:
ichang lemon, citrus junos, ichang shanguyan, citrus cavaleriei, citrange benton, rusk, c35, morton, carrizo, spaneet, citrandarin tanaka, citradia, pomelo rio red, satsuma variety, orange natsudaidai, cleopatra, changsha, nanshodaidai, bigarade goutou, bigarade variety, pomelo enzo.
( For the rootstock varieties the exchange of seeds can be done against exchange of seeds or other ( grafts or cuttings ) according to proposal and my quantity in stock )

Fig tree (this is for a friend who has decided to create a fig tree conservatory orchard):
Abicou, bourjassotte blanche, black ischia, black jack, bourjassotte noir, brunswick, col de dame blanc, col de dame gris, contessina, grise de tarascon, napolitaine, noir de barbantane, black bursa, peretta, sultane, babits, black mission.
( But nothing prevents other proposals )
Ficus afghanistanica or other closely related species too.

Plum tree:
According to proposal mainly Japanese variety or Slavic origin ( Russian etc ).
Example: danchanka ranmaya, krymskaya rosa, plumennaya, bystricka muskatova, malvazimka, shater, russian plum chuck, vlaska, volga beauty etc. Preferably by members of Russian origin. Because they could offer me more information on the history of these varieties but that's just a preference.
Also prunus virginiana ( seed and possibly grafts ) and sapa .

concord, adam's breeches, grape of palestine, noah rose, helena, boskoop glory or other as suggested.

Apple tree ( having already a large quantity of apple trees I am only looking for those here ):
Altynai, Norland, Empire, Belarussian raspberry, dolgo, winter red flesh, september ruby, brandywine.

Borealis, hoka, borovkava, kalinka, kiev, larisa, sinoglaska, blue treasure, strawberry sensation, nimfa, ruben, slavyanka, saint fiacre.

Cherry tree:
Amourette, magda, negral, reine hortense, royal, oktava, silvia, cerasella, cailloux, béchat, de la toussaint, oblaczynska, karina, .
( other according to proposal )

Cherry blossom tree:
Somei yoshino, yamazakura, shidarezakura, edohigan, ichiyou, kankizakura, kikuzakura, ukon, fugenzou, yoshino, miharu tachizakura, yaezakura, kawazuzakura, sato-zakura, asahiyama, gotemba, amanogawa, jugatsu zakura, yedoensis shidare yoshino, sargentii, subhirtella autumnalis, fuyu zakura, kawazu, gyoiko, oitozakura.

Pear tree:
white deanery, grand champion, loffelbirne, summercrisp, krazulya, vekovaya.

Nut tree:
juglans cinerea, heart walnut ( Japanese walnut ).
( Seeds only )
Castanea spicata

Almond tree: As proposed

The varieties of viburnum ( kalinka ), only available for members of Russian origin or other Slavic countries.

Diospyros texana : seeds only if possible from a person of the country of origin and even better if he is able to send 1 or 2 fruits.
I will add this evening a list of ornamental species like roses etc and a subtropical list for people living in other warmer countries. The aim is to crossbreed hardy and sensitive varieties or try unusual grafting.

Particular species
Annona stenophylla and annona glabra mainly.
But other annona also except cherimola which I already have.

Palm trees:
parajubeae torallyi, parajubeae cocoides, brahea armata ( mexican blue fan ), moroccan blue palm, bolivian coconut in priority.
But also phoenix theophrasti, phoenix sylvestris, phoenix iberica, washingtonia filifera, washingtonia robusta, washingtonia filibusta.

Cannelier ( cinnamomum ) is actively looking for seeds (only from members living in a country where its culture is present).

sonia meilland, brigitte fossey, cristiana reali, christian lacrois, jean giono, michel morgan, paul cézanne, pierre de trois gros, provence, souvenir de marcel proust, colette, iceberg, leonard de vinci, yellow hammer, baronne edmond de rothschild, cardinal de richelieu, grand siècle, jardin de bagatelle, violette parfumée, papa meilland, toulouse lautrec, yves piaget, cuisse de nymphe,

Paul ricard, constance de spry, félicite et perpetue, neige d'avril, red parfum, albertime, bobbie james, city of yoork, françois juranville.

I will make this list very soon.

Other ( seeds and grafts for experiments ):
Jacaranda, kigelia, amorpha false indigo, indigofera suffruticosa, cotton ( tree type species ), teak ( tectona grandis ), decaisnea.
To all this can be added the list of vegetable varieties that I am looking for and which can be found on semeur.fr under the pseudo ( shiroyuki )

Now, let's see the varieties I propose to you.

Red-fleshed apple:
Grenadine, helnut rose, maggy, hall's pink, pendragon, rubayat, discovery, red moon. I have others but they didn't grow much this year so I'm taking a break.

Cider varieties:
Pendragon, paradise, mettais, rouge bruyère, tête de brebis, domaine, kingston black.

Low natural vigour:
Astracan red, slow harvest, margil.

semi weeping (under the weight of the fruit) or weeping:
calville rouge d'octobre, framboise d'olovaust, honeycrisp, royal gala, reinette bauman, chailleux, claque pépin.

Erect habit:
Jerusalem pigeon, gravenstein, king's calville, winter white calville, tramp, red délicious.

Medium vigour:
court pendu gris, belle fille de salin, fenouillet gris ( rather weak in reality ), grise du canada, reinette du mans, reinette de france, court pendu rouge.

Quite strong vigour:
Melrose, calville noir, bénédictin, belle joséphine de la brie, framboise d'oberland, patte de loup, reine des reinette, winter banana, transparente de croncel, grand alexandre, grand mère, bonnante, nouvelle france, tienshan ( malus siversii ), coeur de beauf, violette de monbéliard.

A variety that I have not seen enough of in terms of vigour, but which has the right amount of vigour.
Ingrid marie, alant, coeur rouge, seestermuher zitronapfel, purpurella, william pride, sekai ichi, cumberland, vitgylling, osterreicher, sayaka, bohemia gold, gorgerous, jumbo, zimnya limona, shizuka, reinette simirenko, sundance, lobo, cortland, liberty, rosemary russet marie madeleine, calville ananas de liège, d'arcy spice, alant, pays bou, guldborg, jacque lebel, coutras des pyrénés, freyberg, gorge cave, belle de boskoop rouge, rose de muolen, norfolk royal russet, cornish aromatic, cornish gilliflower, ramane, reinette ananas

I have not listed my varieties under cov as far as I know. If ever a nursery comes to me and says I have an illegal variety. I will remove it but only on one condition: that they provide me with a copy of the official documents (cov, patent) of the variety as proof. Because until I have proof to the contrary the honeycrisp variety is free of rights, this being only an example.

If some people want to sow protected varieties (it is allowed in Europe and in France): You can ask me next year: red love era, red love circe, red love calypso, baya marisa.
And if you want to sow in order to obtain a dwarf: maloni sally, maloni lilly and mini cox apfel.
I specify only for seeds or for dwarfs for experimentation of intermediate grafting between a frank and the reproduced variety.
This way it remains legal.

European plum:
Anna spath, reine claude violette, reine claude dorée, reine claude oullins, prunelier à fruit doux, mirabelle de nancy, mirabelle de metz, mirabelle parfumé de septembre, sainte catherine, quetsch d'alsace, debrescens, birrwil, prune d'or, ramassine jaune, jaune de fey, frigga, jaune de granichen, rosalotte reine claude, victoria, sucron, goutte d'or, belle de louvain, kometa kuban, bourbaki, sinikka (resistant to the cold of Finland), sloupovita kolonovidnaya, chervena afaska, quetsch blanche de létricourt, Adara (compatible with cherry trees for grafting)
Variety only for information because not developed enough:
Reine claude sanguine de wisme, banana .
To this I add 1) the possibility of sending rejections from my Reine Claude violette affranchie (for France only). The sending of root sections of this variety for European countries only. 2) Possibility to have grafts of my variety of queen claude and plum type quetsh of semi adapted to the very wet zone (fruit of good quality without acidity nor bitterness). As well as a variety of myrobolan plum varieties.

Japanese plum:
black amber, black star, burbank, eldorado, burgundi.

Cherry kose, cerny barchat (plumcot type), .

For the rest everything is visible on the link e-fruitiers.net .

I indicate a part ( I did not finish the inventory ) of possible seeds to send .
Poncirus trifoliata, gleditsia triacanthos, common and variegated myrtle, sichuan pepper, .

I will make a list of ornamental species for those who want to try grafting on ornamental species as I did with snowball viburnum etc.).
Best regards


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