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Spring flowering loquats

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Any truth to these claims? I can't seem to source any of these variety's in stock from online nurseries in the U.S, the couple of nurseries I've found sells grafted plants of Novak variety.

Ideally I'd want them on their own roots in case of complete dieback (zone 7a).

"‘Shambala’ and ‘Novak’ flower repeatedly..."

"Supposedly ‘Tanaka’ starts flowering in spring..."

"‘Rose Anne’ flowers once a year in the spring..."

I'm a Zone 7a/7b grower and I have been looking for the same cultivars. I think Rose Anne is unavailable in the US. Big Plant nursery is the only place I have seen it available and it is in the UK.


Hello everyone,

Its to my knowledge only available in UK, i tried to get my hand on it but since the brexit no plants can get across the bordeer!!! What a disaster!!!

BTW my name is Quentin, leaving in the South of France near by Narbonne.
I am looking into propagating some loquat in France Iam looking for some scion/wood cuttings during the winter... I do quit a lot of exchange in France yet and would be happy to carry on abroad!

looking forward hearing back from you

Welcome. As far as I know there are many loquat varieties available in Italy and Spain. Good luck.

vnomonee, I don't have Rose Anne, but have the other 3. I hope I get some flowers/fruits next year then I should be able to answer your question. To bad you missed my grafted loquat "advance order", its closed now but maybe next year.


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