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Just curious if anyone that is growing Xie Shan has a few photos of their fruits. They may not be ripe yet but I would still like to compare the shape/skin of the green fruits if you can take a photo and post it.

My grafted tree/branches will have some ripe fruits this year and I wanted to know if the Xie Shan fruits grow in clusters like a grape. My fruits seem to be all bunched up and I had to thin out some fruits. All of my grafted branches seem to have the fruits close together and needs to be thinned out.

Mine might be 2 seasons away from fruiting. It is only 3 feet and really a thin tree at this point. I cannot wait as I've heard great things about its fruit. Right now I have fruiting Miyagawa, Dekopon, Okitsu, Owari, Lee x Nova and another dozen other mandarin varieties.

Ok, I was hoping someone in CA had a Xie Shan with fruits now. Mine is still green but I will take a few photos today and posted so others can comment on the green fruits. I just wanted to confirm it's the correct variety and it should be since it's from CCPP (UCR). I didn't think it grew in a cluster. There must be a few source trees for this fruit and the one I have does not look like the photo shown in the citrusvariety data (even though I purchased my scions from them).

In the link is looks like early to mid october is the best time to harvest.

I grafted 4 last year, but only one survives
 and it is not doing good.  Still green, but no sign of no grow.  The other 3 showed new grow, but they didn't made it. 


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