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when to pick Chandler pummelo?

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This is the first year that my container Chandler has produced full size fruit.  Previous two years it is had made a few fruit that reached only grapefruit size. 

Any suggestions on when to pick this fruit?  It is the only one on the tree so I can't do the usual sampling.

Hello Brian,
I have also a Chandler with 3 fruits this year.
After my experience from last year I decided to wait with harvesting until March/April. Because last year I tested in October, in January and March and the March fruit was the best.

Brian, one of my large pumello tree is a Chandler tree. I have many varieties grafted over it but I still get some Changler fruits from the lower branches. Your fruit looks nice, the Chandler fruit will hang on the tree for about a month after it is ripe so you should not worry about it getting over ripe if you wait. From your photo, to me it does not look ripe, it is still green even if it reached it maximum size. There are two methods I use to determine if I should pick my fruits, the first is you can wait for the skin to turn more yellow overall than it is green like your photo. Also check you fruit now by lifting it upwards, remember how heavy (or light) it is. If it feels like its not 2 lbs for that size fruit, wait until it feels heavy. The last thing is, when the fruit is fully ripe and hanging to long, you can just lift it and slightly turn it, if it falls off the stem it is ripe for eating. Main thing is to let it get ripe, so you get the best flavor.

The Chandlers they sell at the market is always green since they pick it before it gets fully ripe, but at home you can wait until it turns yellow. My pummelos start to get ripe in Dec, and goes until March here.

Thanks, guys.  I will try the "light twist" test once it becomes yellow. 

Yes, they are always half green when I see them at the grocery store.

I picked a Valentine Pummelo this morning.  The peel looked much like Brian's (mostly yellow with some light green).  Upon cutting open the red coloration was not fully distributed, and the pulp was still some what grainy.  I will wait another two or three weeks to try another fruit.


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