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when to pick Chandler pummelo?

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Here is my Chandler Pomelo this year
It is quite good variety

impressing fruit concerning size and colour.
How long did your fruit take from flower to harvest annd how old is your tree ?
Thanks and regards Frank

I am less concerned about the pink coloration than the juicy vs dry aspect.  One of the things I like about the store-bought pummelos is that they are dry enough I can tear one apart by hand without getting juice everywhere.  I was hoping to find a variety to grow myself that is the same way.

The juicy pummelos taste fantastic.  They're just messy.  I like the dry ones because I can take them into the office with my lunch

Brian, I had many different pummelos and they are usually not juicy but more as you describe the store-bought ones, dry enough that you can tear apart each fruit sack and eat them.  I got rid of my Chandler pummelo a long time ago (top worked tree) since it didn't have the pink flesh color and taste was just ok (not sweet) here in SoCal. Now the only real pummelos I kept are the Reinking, Thong Dee (my best taste), and Roys (seedling Chinese). All of these are dry enough that you need to pull apart each fruit sack. All have seeds, but at least they seed are in the middle so pretty easy to remove when eating them. The Hybrid pummelos (Valentine, Cocktail) are juicy and sweet.


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