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A French guy said somewhere that he tasted both 5* and 82 and that they were close. But I can't remember where I read that.
I have only tasted a European Dunstan from Germany and I did not like it too much. It was certainly no match for my 82.

Thanks Florian,
for your Information. So in every case it s good to have an further citrumelo with the nr. 82 which has relativ eatable fruit. I still have 3 nice last years grafts from Dunstan and Ilya s Ichangstar 60 and Staraji55. Already curious to taste these fruits, but I guess the plants will need a two or three years to set fruits. Best regards Frank


--- Quote from: tedburn on January 22, 2022, 04:05:32 AM ---thanks Mikkel, seems I have to regradt some of my Dunstans 😉, because I also see 5* better than Dunstan in taste.

--- End quote ---

5* is bad enogh! The bitterness is grave and long lasting and there is resin. Nearly as much as with my Poncirus.

My Dunstan comes from Eisenhut and gives me lots of fruits. But I'm not sure if it's the same as the Dunstan you are talking about, since I belive there are two different typs.
The fruits are not eatable out of hands, but the juice with some sugar and diluted with water is enjoyable.

A few years ago I pollinated it with pollen of my I x S. Now I want to cut down a good amount of the tree and graft some scions of the hybrid seedling on. It may still take some years until ist first bloom, but I guess it will take longer for the seedling itself.


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