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2022 Yangmei (Myrica Rubra) Group Order

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Dear members,

  For those who missed the first Yangmei Group Order initiated by abeicadad in the page and like to add more, we are planning to have a new group order to import 500 Yangmei trees from China at price $40 per tree with air freight deliver service. Although the plant price and transportation cost have skyrocketed, we keep the price reasonable. There will be following four varieties.
* Biqi(荸荠): Small fruits (10-20g) with small pits, black, juicy, sweet with aroma. Said to be tasty
* Late Growing(晩稲): Small-medium fruits, matures in September, purple-black, delicate flesh, sweet and sour, juicy and fragrant.
* Crystal(水晶): white surface, medium size(around 14 grams ), juice, fresh and sweet, slightly sour, top quality.
* Dongkui(东魁): large (20-40g), dark red, excellent flavor.   
    Trees are  2 year old and at 1.5-2.5 ft tall, 1/4 - 3/8" diameter, bare-root (required by USDA APHIS).

    Group order members in North California San Francisco Bay Area, and South California, can do local pick up after the plants arrive. For others, we can mail by UPS or USPS, shipping fee is expected to be paid by buyers.

   The order can be placed in either of following two pages: ( We are not taking new orders as of the date 1/5/22)

    English version:
    Chinese version:
  Or directly order by PayPal to ( with family or friend payment option to avoid additional fee), and send me email with the variety and quantity.

 I will track the order record in the next section.

 If you have any questions regarding this group order, you can also send me email at

 Some useful links for Yangmei lovers.
 Articles Growing Yangmei in USA( Chinese version):
Growing Yangmei in USA( English version): To be translated. Successful Stories Calmei Yangmei
Lets find out at Yanmei Farms:

Yangmei Grafting
* California coast tree: Myrica Californica( another name is Morella Californica or Pacific Wax Myrtle, Chinese Name: 蜡杨梅)

* East coast or central area: Myrica Cerifera   as per the above article and web page

* Myrica Pennsylvanica
Yangmei Pollination
  Chinese version 如果周围10公里以内有杨梅树,并且这些杨梅树能结果,那就说明该地有适合杨梅结果的雄株,没有必要单独另栽种雄株;如果是杨梅适宜生长区,山里有很多野生杨梅,那就更没有必要栽种杨梅雄株;如果城市绿化程度高的地区也没有必要栽种雄株,因为现在绿化强调植物多样性,也必然会配植一些杨梅树;东魁杨梅雄雌同株几率比较高的品种,也没有必要单独栽种雄株。如果在从来就没有人种杨梅、也不知道杨梅是何物的地区栽种就要配植杨梅雄株,规模化种植因为要求稳产也要单独配植杨梅雄株。

在我们的团体订单中,我们可以根据每个成员的需要,添加雄性嫁接树( $40/株) 。
  English version
If there are Yangmei trees within  about  7 miles(10 kilometers) and these bayberry trees can bear fruit,
it means that there are male plants suitable for bayberry fruiting in the area, and there is no need to plant another
 male plant separately; if it is a suitable growing area for Yangmei, In China, there are many wild Yangmei trees in the mountain area,
there is no need to plant male trees, even in a city has a high degree of greening, there is no need to plant male trees, because of  the
plant diversity,  some Yangmei trees will inevitably be planted;

 Dongkui tree is more likely to be monoecious, after a couple years of growing since planting, this variety can start to do self pollination.

 If you plant Yangmei in an area where it has never been planted before, and you donít know know what Yangmei is,
you must plant Yangmei male plants. Large-scale planting requires a separate Yangmei male plant because of the requirement for stable production.

 Lots of people say that the most of grafted Yangmei trees in the current market are self fertile. Technically this can be achieved by using male seedling for root stock, or putting both female scion and male scion together above root stock. But theoretically the root stock can not be guaranteed to be male, it grows from selected seeds, and there is a chance that one part of scions above the root stock maybe fall apart. So it is always safe to add certain portion of grafted male trees based on buyer's own judgement.

 In our group order, we can request to add male grafted trees per each member's need, it is $40/per tree.  
 Shipping Cost Estimation for the buyers
    Each buyer in the group order is expected to pay the shipping expense before the trees are mailed out from Bill myself.
    ( 团体团购会员都应在邮寄树之前支付运费)
    Members in the bay area or southern California can do local pick-up.
    In the bay area, one site is in city Campbell, or we may add one site in east bay based on the buyer's number and location.
    In the southern California, the site is to be decided based on the members' location.

    For all other areas, we do shipping for every one. Please do the shipping cost estimation from zip code 95008 by each member.
  We are going to use 24"L x 8"W x 8"H shipping box.

The group order was closed and the shipment was successful made from China. The Group Order Record was requested to be removed for protecting members' privacy.

Thanks for putting this together Bill!

I will be placing an order, for one of each variety, and paying by paypal

Thanks for putting this together Bill.

I'm a little confused about the order format?  What is the website being used for the order? Is it directly to the seller?  Is there any purchase protection?



This is a great chance for those that missed the previous group buy to get some trees! Good luck with the order Bill.



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