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cold test on seedling New Zealand lemonade

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Just brought my Seed grown New Zealand lemonade tree inside So far it has seen 22F, 22F, 20F, 25F, and many hard frosts. to date. I am warming the roots up to hibernation temperatures for that of an in ground tree so I can put it back outside for the up coming 17F, 13F to determine cold hardiness of this cultivar 01-02-2022

It is now down in an unheated basement to prevent coming out of dormancy.  It has seen 2 months with most nights below freezing.

Interesting experiment... I would like to know too how hardy NZ Lemonade is, I want to use it for crossing with Trifoliate so your data will be usefull for me, thanks.

Going down to 15F tonight.  My NZL is outside in cold out of the bright sun.  When the sun drops behind the hill I will place the tree in and insulated doughnut to hold the roots at freezing while exposing the trunks to very cold air.

Tree is in position and the pot, roots and first 3 inches of trunk are insulate with cold 30F'ish leaves.

Wrong picture

Hello Poncirusguy,
interesting experiment, I have a poormans orange also called   Newsealand Grapefruit which is called to need lower amounts of summer heat for the fruits than normal grapefruit, but I guess Newzealand lemonade is an other citrus variety  ?


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