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CCPP Budwood Price Hike

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Anyone noticed price per bud raised from $1.50 to $5? I know the inflation is bad but I did not expect wood pricing to jump >300%  ;D.

Not that I am complaining but I believe this truly ruined it for me as a hobbyists and encourage people to get woods from neighbors, friends and family members....which spreads the HLB even more.

I remember for out of state people, it was around that cost I believe (~3 years ago). I had to pay over $70 to get 3 varieties. Stopped growing citrus anyway...
Edit: maybe it was $2.50? Can't remember

It was $1.50 per bud when I ordered scions couple months ago and now it is $5 per bud - certainly a big jump. It will certainly have a big impact on people grafting citrus.

Yup, it's way too expensive now for one budwood stick ($30 each). I'm glad I ordered all my varieties years ago and have everything I need. I feel bad for the new grafters trying to start a collection.

Not being a California resident, budwood is even more expensive for me. I stopped ordering budwood from them because I just order trees from nurseries. Price is the same and usually lower than CCPP.


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