Author Topic: Do mysores tip?  (Read 136 times)


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Do mysores tip?
« on: January 12, 2022, 03:42:07 PM »
I read a lot that mysore bananas have a strong root system so they don't tend to tip over. I have a mysore planted a few feet off of my fence and it's also a few feet from my pool (which has a screen around it). I don't want a massive stalk to tip over and either end up in my neighbors yard or break my pool screen. Is it true that mysores tend not to tip? Or should I consider replacing it with something smaller? If so, any recommendations for something smaller with a similar flavor profile? I love mysores!


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Re: Do mysores tip?
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2022, 04:59:59 PM »
When I gave them a trial, ALL of them folded over in moderate winds. ( below tropical storm force) It wasn't a root issue, the stems were just too weak. The plants just never thrived anyway in my poor Cape Coral canal subsoil fill. They are delicious but have slender pseudostems and need a spot protected from wind on as many sides as possible at least until you get a good mat established. You could use other bananas as a windbreak. Top 3 varieties for me out of about 20 I tried growing are

1.  Sweetheart (FHIA-03) Stocky, wind, disease and drought resistant. Bears early and large bunches excellent all around. Our family favorite. Very few suckers.

2   Praying hands   Excellent quality with a hint of vanilla. When cavendish gets dark it is nasty but these are still good at that stage. Tall and sturdy and produces well. Just cut the stalk to harvest once they start turning yellow. Disease and drought resistant.

3   Tall Orinoco (Burro)  Disease and drought resistant,slender pseudostems like Mysore but much sturdier. Smaller bunches of very nice fruit, the one I have has a hint of strawberry taste at the right ripening stage.

I have no irrigation and all have fruited reliably for me when mulched. They all are planted where they receive additional rain from roof runoff and/or AC drip line. I hit each mat with a couple pounds of cheap fertilizer to help them push some growth and again once they flower.


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Re: Do mysores tip?
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2022, 10:01:22 PM »
We had a bad wind storm here a month or two ago. I lost my Orinoco and Gran Main mats. All the Pseudo stems got knocked over. Mysore had a 40lb bunch and is still standing. Apple (Manzano) banana, Ice Cream, Raja Puri, and Dwarf Cavendish were also ok.  I wouldn't risk it next to a pool cage.


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