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Grafting seedling onto seedling


I would like to graft a mandarin seedling onto a sour orange seedling. Should I remove leaves from the scion, the rootstock or both? Or leave the leaves on the scion but remove leaves from rootstock?

Vlad, I have done this several times with seedlings between 6 weeks and several months and it worked with a high success rate, most difficulty to handle the small seedlings and to put the ligature. I took on both scion and rootstook only some leaves away to have place for the cleft graft, but not all. I thought the small plants still need their leaves.
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After posting, I realized that both rootstock and mandarin scion are juveniles, which means that it will take as long as 7 to 10 years to produce fruit. I do not want to wait that long and so will dispose of the mandarin seedlings.


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