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Selling: Theobroma Pulp / flesh including seeds


Seeds Del Mundo:
Hi Everyone,

Instead of the fruits, we now have the pulp for sale, including the seeds!! :D (all fresh of course)

* Theobroma Cacao Pulp
* Theobroma Bicolor Pulp
* Theobroma Grandiflora (Capuacu) Pulp What is the advantages of buying pulp?
The advantage is that you see what you are buying. The pulp will last longer in the vacuumed packaging and the seeds will not become moldy. It is not always possible to see from the outside of the fruit whether the inside is still good. We have also had reactions in the past that the fruit was no longer 100% perfect on the inside. If you receive only the Pulp / Fruit Flesh, you know you are getting only 100% good seed quality and fresh flesh.  :)

See the pictures for the pulp!!

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I sent a pm as well.


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