Author Topic: Looking to buy cold hardy Queen Palm, Chilean Wine Palm, hybrid seeds, etc  (Read 186 times)


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The title says it. I am looking to buy a bulk order of fresh palm seeds that will have a good germination rate. I don't mind if there's still pulp on the seeds but if it makes it cheaper to ship cleaned than that is alright.. I just want the best success rate possible.

Looking for 100-1,000 seeds of:
1. Silver Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana var. litoralis)
2. Chilean Wine Palm (Jubaea chilensis)
3. Syagrus x Jubaea
4. Syagrus x Butia
5. Butia x Jubaea
6. Parajubaea hybrids.... 'Parajubaea x (butia or syagrus or phoenix or ceroxylon, etc)'
6. Quindio Wax Palm (Ceroxylon quindiuense)
7. Parajubaea (torallyi, cocoides, sunkha etc)

I will even throw these out there if anybody has a good bulk price, again for seeds:
8. Regular queen palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana)
9. Senegal date palm
10. Canary Island date palm
11. other hardy syagrus species
12. other hardy phoenix species
13. other relevant hybrids  <---- parent sexes do not matter ie 'butia x jubaea' vs 'jubaea x butia'  doesn't really matter
14. any other rare cold tolerant palms (to about -6C)  <--- no palmettos or cabbage

Also willing to trade. Thanks!
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