Author Topic: Iso 1/2 inch caliper achacha scion  (Read 214 times)


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Iso 1/2 inch caliper achacha scion
« on: January 20, 2022, 10:39:02 PM »
Moving some things in the grow room around today set a few trees to the side got side tracked to moving lumber.......well my dog helped me drop 3- 2x6x10s on my plants im not sure why i was thinking that was a good activity to do at the time (esp with the puppy running around lucky hes so cute lol). All other trees were good just a few small danglers. But my achacha took basically all the force and now left with a good rootstock. Was about 3 ft tall now 8-10 inches . I figure id try and graft onto it. If possible hoping to find a 1/2 caliper scion from a fruiting tree to graft onto it.


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