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Lychee Flavored Mango?

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Is anyone familiar with a mango variety with an extremely strong lychee flavor with guava funk? We recently bought a mango from the local Asian supermarket, sold as "Thai Sweet", grown in PR, with a greenish/yellow color. If I had to quantify the flavor profile, it would be 10% indian mango (piney resin?), 20% guava, 70% lychee - wife and I were stunned by how odd (but good) it tasted for a mango.

Can you post picture of the mango and its label if possible.

I had to dig it out of the trash, but here is the label.

There is a website on the label and if you check it out

They grow Keitt, parvin , and palmer

Really good information I did not know Puerto Rico was exporting Mangos. Good for them. Probably beats the Mexican imports. The mango in question could not be Keitt or can it?   Can you look up to see if the fruit you got as either a Palmer or Parvin?


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