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Santa Barbara Peach Scions

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This is a tasty low chill peach that does well in 10a. It has a particular pointy tip to it, and produces prolifically and large fruit. One of these trees broke in half due to too much fruit.

$5 each, will cut them down to about 6-8” long. $6 each if you want me to buddy tape them pre shipment.

Minimum 4. Shipped USPS priority.

This is supposed to be one of the best for low chill coastal climates and not found in local nurseries.  I have a couple bareroot trees coming, otherwise would definitely be ordering scions. 



Good quality scions thanks

I am out of scions, if anyone is asking. I had pruned them all on the day I posted this so they're all dried up and in the compost now.

Thanks Brad, glad they worked!

FV Fruit Freak:
Thanks Kevin! Great scions, they’re all pushing :) So stoked, can’t wait...


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