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Low chill Asian pear


Have a nice rootstock grown out from a grafted variety I had bought awhile ago. Even before allowing that rootstock to grow out whatever variety it was on top wasn't doing good at all here. Can't remember what variety I bought. Just a bare root tree bought from a roadside vendor for $10. Now that I got a nice bit of rootstock growth I can cut the other old scion off and graft the rootstock with a better variety for here in the FL panhandle. Preferably a variety with less than 400 chill hours but hopefully  250 or less. Anybody out there got scions available for a low chill Asian pear?

I don't grow any of these unfortunately D-Grower but here are some in case folks see something they grow.

20th Century (3-400)
Hosui (3-400)
Shinseiki (250-300)

Thanks for the recommendations

I've been reluctant to comment on this one but here goes. I planted tsu li  and ya li pears around 10 yrs ago. I'll check my orchard map, but one died of fire blight within a few years. I replaced that one and it isn't going to make it either. The other one is the best looking pear I have. Big, We'll filled out, but no flowers yet. I have a keiffer as well, and it has made some sparse fruit. I think it will pollinate the ..li.. I still have if it ever flowers. I think it's too late this year to get viable scion material, but I'll send some next year of the keiffer or the ..li.. If you want.


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