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Ginger Lime seeds

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Ginger Lime seed 10 pack for $24 including shipping.
Leaves used like kaffir ,smell like ginger.
True to type. I started seeds from Gene Lesterís collection 10 years ago.

sent you PM

I have seeds available again for a short time. Fresh seed, fruit cut yesterday.
I would like to edit my original post but am unable .
I was unaware at the time that kaffir is an extremely racist term in South Africa .
I believe Makrut is the correct replacement of that language.

The fruits:

Makrut is the Thai name for the plant.
Yes it is becoming more used, as the leaves and curry pastes are fairly well known, ie Thai Green Curry.
There are also numerous names from the other S E Asian countries and even ethnic cultures outside of Thailand.
Citrus hystrix is another replacement term, and K Lime is often used.
Mauritius Papeda is also another name for Citrus hysrtix.
Possibly that name links the plant to the historic migration of Indonesian Seafarers to settle Madagascar,
and the later forced movement of people from Madagascar to Mauritius by the Dutch East India Co in the 1600's.

Thank you very much for some deeper insight and information


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