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Valentine and Bloomsweet with too much small fruits ?

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my luxury problem is, that my pomelos have too much fruit set and in contrary to my satsuma up to now they don' t want to kick off some fruits.
Now my question is still to wait until they throw the too much fruit themselve or better already now thin out the too much fruit by myself.
Valentine bears the first year and bloomsweet the 2nd year.
Thanks for your experience.

I get plenty  fruit from my in ground Valentine Pummelo tree.  The problem with Valentine fruit is that they are just sweet and absolutely zero acid, flat insipid.

pick them before they are fully ripe.

They will soon kick off extra fruits.  If there are too many in a month from now, thin them then.

thank yo guys for your informations, I'm really curious to taste the fruits, already souch heard about the tasty fruits.
@ Hardyvermont, sounds good your advice, will wait still a month and then thin out   :D
regards Frank


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