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Brazilian Spinch (Sissou Spinach) dying from disease?????


I planted some Brazilian spinach in pots and they are adequately watered and get full sun here in Florida. Growth appears at first to be good. However, some of the plants are rapidly dying from what looks like a white fungus infection. They stems just get this white mass on them and the plant dies. What could this be?  How is this treated?   Anyone else have experience with this?



Hi Shawn, My guess would be excess water. I give mine a little afternoon shade. D

Could you post a picture? I don't grow this, but a lot of the pests are similar. I wonder if it is mealy bugs from your description.

BINGO!  Thanks so much.  It was mealy bugs.  Little #$%#$ eating up all my spinach.

They grow very well but periodically get some sort of caterpillar infestation. The caterpillars are small but go through it like crazy rendering the leaves all messed up. If you trim it back fertilize and water it quickly regrows. I have been growing it several years and they attack several times/ year.


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