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My in ground seed grown Fukushu Kumquat tree has flowered and some of the fruits are growing.

Very nice, how big is it?  I have a bunch of small seedlings sprouted from spitting seeds back into the pot, and I was wondering if they are even worth giving away.  If it takes a decade to fruit I don't want to get people's hopes up :)

The tree is 8 feet tall and about 5 feet in diameter.  It is 7 years old.  It is in ground in Cincinnati, Ohio zone 6b and therefore has a short growing season with a long hostile cold season.  I would say grow them then graft a mature Fukushu bud on them  and you will have a Mature Fukushu on its "own" roots.  I have a mature New Zealand lemonade grafted to a NZL seedling that is doing fine.

Seven years is probably enough that I'd recommend buying grafted.  Everybody I know is in a non-citrus climate anyway... growing in containers and/or greenhouses.

My potted Fukushu was grafted to flying dragon 8-28-2020   It is flowering profusely but dropping many fruits


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