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Looking for kabosu or shishi yuzu, can buy or trade… in Kirkland, Washington

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Hi -

Probably a long shot, but I’m up in the PNW, and have quite a collection of cold hardy citrus… but looking for kabosu and shishi  yuzu (not the regular)

Would like a air layer, successful rooted cutting, or even seeding.

Let me if you have available your price but can also trade.

I have the following that are grafted unless noted:

Clem x yuzu (Seedling and grafted)
Shikawasa (Seedling and grafted)
Erem x shikawasa
Keraji (seedling and grafted)
Nasaran (Citrus amblycarpa) - (seedling only)
Green finger lime
Red finger lime
Giant finger lime
Miyagawa satsuma
Calamansi (reg and variegated)
Rangur lime
Sanbokan - (seedling and grafted)

If you have kabosu or shishi yuzu and interested in selling or trading for any above list, let me know.  Sorry, Not interested in selling anything listed, but only trade.

Also,have Myoga I can dig up that are easy to propagate as well as sansho I can use as trade.

I would love to see some pics of the Erem x shikawasa plant and fruit if it has fruited.

Piss P:

--- Quote from: pagnr on July 26, 2022, 05:11:27 AM ---I would love to see some pics of the Erem x shikawasa plant and fruit if it has fruited.

--- End quote ---

You might've seen this already but these are the only online pics I can find - they are pretty good though

Thanks for the link.  I honestly didn’t know how the fruit look like or taste but it sounded like an interesting hybrid.  Here’s pic of my tree, no fruit, hoping next year.

I see you also have Myoga ginger. What other non Rutaceae have you collected on the "Tabe" journey ?


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