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Raspberry species that can grow in Florida

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Iím looking for raspberry that grow in Florida.

For a perenial, Mysore Raspberry will be your best bet. Be warned that it does not have the charicteristic raspberry flavor and has huge thorns. If you want a more traditional red raspberry, buy a primocane variety (such as Joan J) in the fall from a mail order catalogue. It will grow over the Florida winter thinking that it is a northern summer. Primocane varieties work best for this because they fruit on new canes. So, it won't make a difference if the plant dies over the summer. I would also recommend growing the plants in pots. This limits issues with nematodes and soil borne diseases (presuming that you use sterile soil and makes it easier to adjust sun exposure to the season.

Thank you and is it possible to create a hybrid of those species


--- Quote from: TropicalPioneers on August 02, 2022, 10:57:10 AM ---Thank you and is it possible to create a hybrid of those species

--- End quote ---

It might be possible. Rubus species vary quite a bit in compatibility and chromosome number. I had a hybrid between a Latham red raspberry and the Mysore that grew for several years and flowered. Unfortunately, the flowers produced no pollen and I was not able to get fruit or F2 seeds. Several generations of back crossing would likely be needed to get good levels of productivity.

Thank you


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