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Looking Citrus (Eremocitrus) glauca and C. Glauca hybrids

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Iím looking for seeds, cuttings, or seedlings of Citrus glauca and/or Citrus glauca hybrids. Iíve been looking for this citrus for a while with no luck. If anyone can hook me up or knows where I can one Iíd really appreciate it. Thanks, Thomas.

I too have been searching for years without luck, but soon Iím sure something may turn up lol

Contact Robert below and you might be able to get one, or information where you should look.

Robert Krueger
curator/Research Leader
Microbiology & Plant Pathology | (951) 827-6980

Short URL:

One here:

I'm surprised it is not better known, it must be suitable for many areas of the USA ? South West Desert Areas, California. The South and Texas too.
Other Australian plants are used in Dry Gardens in some of those areas.


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