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I have several small  trees, approximately 12 inches or so in height. They are still young but well established and real healthy. Let me know if interested.


Thanks Rob for the response, it was really nice of you to write back. Also, thanks for reference to Excalibur, guess I am driving out there if they are open tomorrow. I am embarassed to say this, but I got screwed by a company out there called GROWQUEST, I ordered several olive trees and some grafted 3 in 1, 4 in 1 citrus trees and never seen a thing. The owner is absolutely nuts and actually freaked out on me and called me a bunch of not so friendly names when I asked where the trees were 5, yes 5 months later. So, if any one reads this just watch out if you order from them. I am not going to say a bunch of negative things about them, hopefully I was just an exception and no one else got ripped off. Anyways, thanks again Rob, and looking forward to learning more and more on this site. Have a great weekend everyone :-*

Anyways, on a more positive note, I am excited to join the forum and really look forward to learning from you folks, and would still appreciate if someone can refer me to a decent nursery that sells olive and avocado trees.

I live in Palm Beach, Florida, 33407, USDA zone 10b.  First and foremost, NO, I am NOT a friend, a relative or an employee. I found this forum in common interest with everyone else on here, tropical fruits. Nothing more, nothing less.  All I was doing was posting an honest review of my experience with them. Just because I post something on the positive side instead of negative surely doesnt make someone what you posted in your reply.  Its truly not fair to assume anything about somebody, especially before you give them a chance to know them. You know what they say about assumption......... Again, I apologize if I offended you in anyway by posting my dealings with them, along with close friends. In addition, I am not defending them or representing them in any way or any manner, their business is their business and none of mine. How they run their business is their decision and their issues, and can really care less, as long as I am happy with my purchases.

Jim & Laura W.

Quick question for all you experienced members.... does anyone know where to find olive trees and avocado trees from a good nursery? I have been looking all over and not sure where to go. Any help or direction would be much appreciated, thank you in advance:)

Also, I to add hi everyone and glad to find a cool website and forum!!!! Make sure too that you don't buy from somewhere that sells citrus trees from outside Florida, my neighbor got busted for doing that and got a nice healthy fine for it........

I have done a lot of business with them for years. So has many of my family and friends. They have a beautiful nursery and a huge selection in stock and the trees are always really large and healthy.  The last order I made about a month ago I bought  a meyer lemon, gold nugget mandarin, washington navel and a bearrs seedless lime. I bought the older ones, and all of them had baby fruits or flowers on them. Also, just to let everyone know, the dr. You are talking about is the owner and a really nice guy. He really knows what he is talking about and always answered my questions well. Anyways, I just thought would let the members here know our experience, I guess its just a matter of opinion :)


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