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can anyone ID this fruit? prunus americana?

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ben mango:
growing in colorado

small shrub, but maybe only 5 years or so

No, the leaves are wrong. It's one of the other native plums, maybe Mexican or any of the ones with normal plum tree leaves. Where I grew up we called them Turkey Plums or just Native Plums. Chickasaw Plum or Prunus angustifolia has narrow leaves and each stem is lined with fruit, often in clusters. The fruit color and shape is right though but plums can vary from one spot to the next.

ben mango:
interesting, thanks for the reply. they were pretty tasty. i let seeds sit for 4 months, just planted some, i hope they sprout.

Prunus mexicana isn't supposed to be found in Colorado but stranger things have happened. I've grown Chickasaw Plums from seed. They need the cold stratisfication of winter but they sprout and grow just fine come Springtime.

ben mango:

this and other images on google tell me that its a different fruit. these were growing on a small shrub about 3 feet tall.


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