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--- Quote from: Viking Guy on March 31, 2015, 05:20:53 PM ---Lots of interesting reads on these.  Bow and arrow wood; insect repellent; softball substitute; a cure for cancer..  lol

Don't think I'll grow one, but at least my curiosity is appeased.

One guy said it best:

"I think these big, impressive fruits are so appealing that people believe they must be good for something. ... I think its just hard for people to accept the notion that something so cool and abundant is useless ... The desire for Osage oranges to be useful outweighs the evidence.

--- End quote ---

Most research says that the insect repellant aspect is hokum. But the wood is reportedly very good - hard and rot resistant.

The fruit are, unfortunately, just a curiosity.

Triloba Tracker:
Yes, grew up with "Osage Orange" trees all over. The fruits litter the roads like mangos in Puerto Rico.
As Karen Mentioned, just a curiosity and useful for batting practice or just hurling at something to watch it explode.

Once I got interested in fruit, I kind of wished there was something useful about this tree, but I don't think there really is.

EXCEPT it can be used as rootstock for "Melon Tree" or Che fruit (cudrania tricuspidata)


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