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I just ate my first Mulberry last weekend. It was a long 3 inch Pakistan Berry.... Dear God this fruit is amazing with perfect sweetnss. literally Wipes the floor with the berry family...Blueberries, blackberries, Raspberries...easily! This fruit is easily a top 10 fruit and possibly a tie for top 5!!!!

It seems Mulberries are underated or just aren't well known throughout the U.S. like other good fruit out there. Can anyone give their top 5 Mulberries please? I hear the Morus Nigra's are the best varities becuase they pack a super punch of sweetness and acidity? I'm currently looking to purchase Pakistan, Black beauty, Persian, and Noir de Spain...and end up doing a Cocktail tree for all these varieties since they can get big.

In my yard I grow wild ones which I assume are M. rubra but I guess they could be hybrids, and I have a 'Wellington' which has very good flavor and large berries, an 'Illinois Everbearing' which has slightly smaller berries but with excellent flavor and a long fruiting season (though not ever bearing). My trees are small and I only get a half gallon of berries off of all of them combined. I have some trees that I grew from seeds that someone gave me saying that the trees were small bush form with purple, sweet berries. Last year one of them fruited and the berries were large and white without any berry flavor, just sweet as sugar. Most of the collection is starting to flower now and one more of the seedlings is flowering so I will wait to see if it has white fruit, hopefully they will have berry flavor instead of just being sweet. So far this collection of mulberries has been a highlight of my garden, I would plant more of them if I had more room.

I'd take Pakistan over blueberry, but not over a blackberry or raspberry. Not enough acid. Never tried Persian etc. SD Botanical has Kaester and Persian Black is frequently available the the CRFG scion exchanges (got a cutting the just leafed out).

Anyway, good luck!!

I dont think they are underrated.   I sell a ton of them year round, all types.


--- Quote from: bsbullie on April 14, 2015, 01:10:42 AM ---I dont think they are underrated.   I sell a ton of them year round, all types.

--- End quote ---


what's the name of the dwarf variety excalibur sells?

I just got one covered with fruits.

also got the green mulberry (if that's what it's called...I believe it's the same one that PIN sells labeled as Australian)..that is an excellent fruit btw.

also got the Himalayan mulberry from Treesnmore (which is like pakistan, but reddish, not purple) .... this is one of the best ones I've tasted so far.

so now I've got 8 varieties....(Himalayan, Australian/Green, Peruvian, Giant , white [alba], red [rubra], everbearing, and the dwarf from Excal.)

still need more... :D 

(Pakistan, and other long types....and some other everbearing trees are next on my list..like Illinois, or any others)


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