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--- Quote from: countryboy1981 on March 06, 2022, 08:40:11 AM ---There are two mulberry varities available at my local walmart and was wondering if anyone knew which varities these actually are:

"Everbearing" mulberry:


My guess would be dward everbearing they just left off the dwarf?  Or would it be the Illinois everbearing?

"Black" mulberry:


It says morus nigra but I doubt they would have a true black mulberry from a Florida grower.

--- End quote ---

No idea, but neither are nigra for sure.

I'm going to be attempting some nigra in Al, but I don't have high hopes for them to cope with humidity.

Looking to buy some 3 or even better, 7 gal trees here in FL.   I think I want
-- White Paki
-- Black Paki
--Red Himalyan
-- non dwarf everbearing (was told dwarf is not as good?)
Thx for any leads.  I am in Sebastian but willing to pick up any place within a few hrs drive (espec if I can get them all at one place)

"Everbearing" mulberry (or what its labelled as and most proliferant in the FL nursery trade) is probably my least favorite. I've been enjoying fruit from a "Dwarf Mulberry" I bought from Walmart for $10 some 5 years ago. The fruit really seems to come of age as the tree though they are 1/6 the size of a "Tice" or "Shangri LA" (sp?). Small fruit but very sweet (rasin/currant flavor) with branches loaded with 3-4 fruit per 2" of length. The tree remains small as well at 8ft with a weeping habit.


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