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Have many exotic fruit tree scions in exchange for Col de Dame Blanc fig plant

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Hi All,

Short story is I'm looking for a CDD Blanc plant and have many fruit tree scions for exchange.

The long story is I got a CDD Gris three years ago and now know that it's not a good choice for Phoenix AZ due to the eye being open. I did my research before and read somewhere that CDD Gris has a closed eye so I went with the Gris. Wrong, it has an open eye here in Phoenix that allows the sour fruit beetle in. These pests don't spare any figs

I should have figured this out a year ago had I not planted the CDD Gris near a large eucalyptus tree. Well I found out figs can't tolerate eucalyptus like the white mulberry can and had to replant it elsewhere. I figured fig and mulberry are related and both have aggressive root systems, so why not. The CDD Gris and a Janice Seedless were totally stunted next to the eucalyptus tree, but grew well after moving them away.

Figs - Col de Dame Noir, Violette de Bordeaux, Desert King, Hardy Chicago, Panache

Pomegranates - Parfianka, Sirenevyi, Angel Red, Ariana, Purple Heart, Granada, Desertnyi, Gissarski Rozovyi, Wonderful

Citrus - sarawak, tahitian pummelo, chinese pomelo, cocktail grapefruit, chandler, moro, sanguinelli, tarocco blood, smith red, trovita, maceterra, jincheng, salustiana, olinda valencia, marrs, minneola, page, daisy seedless, gold nugget, sudachi, meyer, santa teresa, boukhaopza blood, valentine, cara cara, lane late, shiranui / dekopan, hirado buntan pink, wekiwa, oro blanco, sudachi, eustis

Apples - fuji, williams pride, sundowner (cripps red)

Stone fruits - black boy, mid pride, florida prince, eva's pride, tropic snow, santa barbara, august pride, desert dawn, artic star, flavor grenade, splash, emerald drop

Persimmon - giant hanafuyu, fuyu, wase fuyu
Loquat - mcbeth, tanaka, avri, argelino
Mulberry - cooke's pakistan, tice, tehama
Che melonberry
Jujube - sugarcane, shanxi li, sihong, chico, tigertooth, redlands 4, winter delight / mango
Passion Fruit - Frederick, Purple Possum
Guavas - peruvian, mexican cream, ong, arabian, taiwan, tikal, bassateen edfina
Pineapple Guava - nazemetz, mammoth
Star fruit - kari, fwang tung, sri kembegang
White Sapote - vernon, rainbow, malibu #3, walton, redlands, nettie
Sapodilla - alano, silas woods
Mango - mallika, carrie, Maha Chanok, duncan, fairchild, pickering, ice cream, amrapali, edgar
Kohala Longan
Jambolan (java plum)
Wampee - Chi Hsin (guy sam / chicken heart), Seedless
Monkey Orange - spiny(Strychnos Spinosa), corky bark (Strychnos cocculoides)
Mexican Garcinia (Luc's)
Psidium Guineense
Orangeberry (Gin Berry)
Marula - female, male


Hi Steve,

Can I get a scion for an arabian guava? Or a plant..lol

Long shot, but NIWAKI NURSERY has them (currently sold out) but you could reach out and see if they can provide a cutting?
PS, how is your Marula doing? I had 5 seeds and only 1 sprouted, and now I'm scratching my head if I should get more to try for the male & female.

Arabian graft died in a freeze.  Logee's has Egyptian Guava for sale.  They're probably the same.

My marula grew like a weed in the ground in Phoenix.  8.2pH soil and water didn't bother it at all.  Neither did 120F heat waves.  But it always got freeze damage, so I cut it down. I think young marula trees are a bit less cold hardy than tropical guava.
I got 90% germination from marula seeds by sanding down the seed caps and using a closed container with bottom heat from a heat mat.

Thanks Steve, thats what I am guessing the Egyptian is the same,. they look the same atleast.


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