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Looking for Black persimmons Huk Kam or Kuro Kaki(Not black Sapote)

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--- Quote from: Sarah on November 16, 2020, 02:03:56 AM ---The one Iím looking for is the Tsuru Noro. Keen if anyone would know a contact for seed?

--- End quote ---

I don't know anyone who has seeds from Tsuru Noko persimmons.  My tree is still a few years away from producing fruit.  About 20 years ago there was a man in New Zeland named John Prince who grew subtropical plants there.  His company was called Nestlebrae Exotics.  If you can locate him, he may be of help to you in NZ.

Outside of NZ, I have a bit of (perhaps discouraging) information for you, but it might be helpful.  In Australia, a "Chocolate persimmon" is not a Tsuru Noko; it's an entirely different plant than the one in the United States.  In the USA, the Japanese variety Tsuru Noko is often marketed as a "Chocolate" persimmon.

But here's the catch: the name "Chocolate" is not used consistently, so beware.  At farmers' markets in California, where a variety of persimmons may be found, I've noticed that the farmers call *any* variety of persimmon that turns brown inside when it's ripe a "chocolate" persimmon.  And a lot of them do not know what the real name of the variety is that they're growing. 
Forgive me if you already know this, but one thing to look for is that the Tsuru Noko (or Tsurunoko, or Tsuru No Ko) is a relatively small fruit that's more slender than most Asian persimmons; also, the flower end of the fruit comes to a point.  From the side it looks a little like a very large, orange acorn. 

Again, in the USA: L. E. Cooke stopped selling trees a couple of years ago.  But here's a flyer about the Tsuru Noko that's still available on their web site: https://www.lecooke.com/Images/Fruits_&_Nuts/Persimmon/Chocolate-Persimmon(RGB).pdf  .  Hope all this helps a little in your search.

I would be interested in some cuttings :)

thanks, I know John, unfortunately he doesn’t have this one.

Hi everyone,

In 2018, Huk Kam (Korean black-skinned persimmon) and Kurokaki (Japanese black-skinned Asian persimmon) were listed in the 28-page PDF catalog in England's Orchard & Nursery, McKee, KY selling as scions. I have no idea if they still have these scions for sale ATM.

You can try to contact Cliff of the aforesaid nursery @nuttrees@prtcnet.org if they are still available. Good luck.


Hi forum friends,

Currently, Tsurunoko aka Chocolate persimmon scions (https://fruitwoodnursery.com/persimmon-scionwood-diospyros-kaki) are available at Fruitwood Nursery at Orleans, CA @$3.50. You can contact Corina and Marc at corrinaandmarc@fruitwoodnursery.com for further info.



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