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It's now available so if you're looking to try some, check SumoCitrus to see where you might be able to score some.

Here are some pictures of the ones I picked up today  ;D
The fruit eaten in picture was a bit more tangy than I remember from last year but its full complexity is there.  Nice firm texture yet very juicy.  May have been picked a tad early and/or weird weather this year affecting its maturity and sugar content.  I hope it's just a fluke in that one fruit.

Here's the old thread from GW ... old Dekopon thread

ps. I killed the seedlings that sprouted last year, that's why the Dekopon project thread was never updated  :'(

Tim - any luck with finding seeds in your current batch of Deko's????

(you killed the project!  well, it means someone else will reap FUTURE glory,
I guess!)


No such luck this year, Gary.  I've eaten 3 since yesterday but not a single seed  :-\
As for flavor, it's OFF - ON - slightly OFF with those three.

according to the link they should be available in Reasors store here in OK.  I know what im doing after work.

Thanks tim


Ponkan and Satsuma are the ultimate Nipponese tangerine citrus. Maybe this one has replaced it. Dekkopan has that HoneyBell bump which to me is a mark of perfection. The photo below is of some kind Japan citrus w snow a classic pose


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