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cherries in san diego what?

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these actually grow really easy here but Im super excited for them.  My kids love them and the trees are LOADED this year!  they are royal lee and munnie royal and royal crimson.  All 3 are fruiting here very heavy fruitset. if you live in southern ca, these are awesome trees.

John B:
That looks awesome, Brad. I wanted to espalier a Royal Crimson along a concrete wall we have but was too concerned about the heat. But, of they are flourishing there, I'm sure they can handle the heat here!

Cherries like the heat.  Yeah they need some cold to trigger flowering but they grow great during summer when its hot.  They grow them in the central valley near Fresno where is crazy hot.  The cherry harvest will be done here in a few weeks then these things will put on 4-5ft of growth.  Its probably the most vigorous trees I have so plant with caution they want to get giant. 

I didnít know we could grow cherry here.
I got 3 trees this year because of you.

They grow well, less chill requirement than most of the pluots and apricots.  Next winter I'm going to try and source a few cherry rootstocks and grow more they are so good, can't have too many cherries. 


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