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cherries in san diego what?

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You all in San Diego are fortunate the cherry blooms have finished.  My Stella just opened up a couple of days ago up here and today the wind is howling! Storms is coming in, nice to finally get some rain but it would have been better a month ago.

The Royal Crimson I bought this year is too small but just budded out too, the 80'F+ last week probably helped but brrr this weekend.

my stuff is still full of flowers but it looks like a ton of fruit set also.  Like a stupid amou t of fruit.  Its almost comical the amout of cherries these trees are making. 

Birds will be feasting on them soon. 


Cherry seems to be easy to graft.

Its easy, all the stone fruit stuff is super easy.  I did a bunch of sloppy grafts one year thinking many would fail and thry all took still. 

Cherries are getting ripe now.  We have been getting a big bowl everyday.  Birds are busy eating the dwarf mulberries!  Thry havent touched the peaches or cherries.  And theres still tons of mulberries.


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