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Li Jujube Airlayers (Ready by end of year), local San Diego Pickup preferred


Hi All,

I have over 40 Li Jujube airlayers that will be ready by the end of the year. Some are grafted with multiple varieties, Li II, Shanxi Li, Honeyjar, Sugarcane, and Sherwood. They range in size from 1ft to 6ft long. $10/ft +$10/each grafted variety. Pickup will be pre-arranged in Spring Valley, San Diego. Shipping will be considered on a case by case basis. Price for shipping will depend on the cost of shipping, not included in base price, and will be calculated as I get the info as to where I am shipping to. Please email james.b.lively@gmail.com to get on my list :)

Pm'd you. Gmail wasn't working on my phone. Think I figured it out now so if you'd rather I email you let me know.

I have emailed you as well.  I know you are checking the shipping to FL options.  Appreciate it, thank you.


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