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Hardy pomegranate (Afganski) in zone 7a taking its sweet time

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Anyone else growing Afganski/Russian #26 in 7a? This is the 3rd season for me in NJ, and I don't protect it.

It definitely took some damage from 7f in late winter in the form of burned/dried out buds from last season but to my surprise is now pushing out new buds out along those stems and branches.

Nick C:
Not sure of the exact variety but its definitely a russian type. Also taking forever compared to all my other varieties

Yep definitely must be the type although I have a couple of seed grown Wonderful pomegranate plants in the ground as well which I didn't expect would survive which are also sprouting leaves now from the base of the stem. The thinner upper branches look a bit dessicated, don't think that variety can survive single digit temps for too long

Nick C:
Funny you say that. I also have a seed grown Wonderful and the top branches aren't looking too hot right now either. Even after being protecting this winter.

My vietnamese pink and haku-botan are leafing out before the russian

At least it looks alive even with the upper branches, my wonderful seedlings are barely a foot tall. My Russian is finally showing leaves at the base and with more buds pushing on the upper branches


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