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Prunus virginiana, choke cherry reviews???

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--- Quote from: Galatians522 on May 03, 2022, 10:23:29 PM ---Some relatives from the north tell me that it makes excellent jam and that some trees have fruit that is paletable enough to eat out of hand.

--- End quote ---

Your right the fruit can be good if I can know what I have been eating

I mean I know they are a cherry so If I am scrolling with a lot of different types I try not to put to much thought into it.

Around here I have my Neighbors , one in the alley looks different that birds grew  ,
 and one new small one close by the city just planted which fruits later .

I should get a paper with a grid on it, and keep track
I forget which is which, and what I liked of what tree just by being  a casual snack

Maybe something that looks like this

Cherry ---- 

 month date time year
texture (juicy, mealy, solid, firm)
Flavor after storage

(I have made a grid like that for long bicycle touring makes finding stuff faster
and if I move anything quickly  I can just abbreviate in the grid (ie. front pocket FP  -- side pocket SP.)
especially if have to leave quickly because the cops are creeping! )

--- Quote ---That is short lived  I seen it  growing  about 5 feet to maybe 7 but mostly small (maybe not even 7 feet)
but I suppose from images on above link it gets bigger (I swore a native IL. book I have said different as well as what I've seen)

(see next post for more about it growing)

--- End quote ---

Interesting I knew a lady that lived in the woods named Barb in Elgin IL. (by Dundee bridge boarder )
had a tent to shower in it looked like a phone booth
heating in Winter with propane
(tent had a kitchen floor raised on pallets with insulation like carpet,
so the ground would not cause cooling in  the tents )

Had cats to warn her of visitors

Also had a natural spring

She watched the forest grow through stages of death of large tree's, and rebirth
this is where I saw the smaller cherries

I am sure we have Prunus pensylvanica
That grows 5 6  feet, and dies in that stage around here at least

This is what I remember now.

Sadly they tore the bridge down to remake, and diverted the natural spring She moved away.


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