Author Topic: Off topic !! Orange fungus on willow trunk, PLEASE HELP !!!  (Read 154 times)


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Sorry for the off topic! I am searching for the name of the desease/ fungus for several hours now . I just found it on some of the stems of my weaved willows, it seems to apear at places which are little scratches or cracks in the bark, dunno it the cracks are a symptom or the way the fungus got in.... i have some severe cuts on some of the stemms ,and those big wounds do not have this. The visible orange part is dust-like in texture.
I desected one of the ill spots and the fungus is only present just near the crack or wound and the bark tissue is sorta orange colour which means i think it is infected and not just a surface thing.
I will spray all of the plants with a fungicide later today ,and i wonder if i should like cut the damaged parts and spray then or just spray??
If anyone knows what this is ,please share and thank you !

As a side note i think it would be helpfull to have a place on this forum to comment and post about decoratives and other non fruit related plants, if thats possible, like a generall ornamental plant forum ?
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