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What name brand fertilizer do you use for best results on your guava trees?
Also, I had been lightly fertilizing mine monthly during the growing season and that seemed to work pretty well.  How often us everyone else fertilizing?

That will be a valuable info for me also !!

My guavas eat anything and aren't picky. I admit to being really lazy with them and just using slow release citrus avo 6-4-6 granules by the handful every month during growing season. I'll throw a bag of chicken manure on in the spring and also use organic fertilizers if I have them on hand but certainly will say they don't care much.


This is what 8-3-9 does when you spread it a couple of times a year.
This is the third time I had to heavily prune the guava. It's already about to hit the ceiling.

I use osmocote and I agree they don't seem picky.  I have never seen any kind of nutrient deficiency leaf pattern on my guavas


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