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Please help identifying those berries. They grow in Orlando fl, at  college campus. Are they edible? Honeyberry? I have never seen anything productive like that without extra help.

Thank you,

Nick C:
Leaves look a lot glossier than the honeyberry plants I grow. Is it evergreen?

Guess native Florida privet

I do not know just logged in for a minute.

berries look the same

but keep in  mind when looking

are the leaves opposite of each other on branch
yours are (edit privet have opposite leaves as well)

I may go outside, and look at a privet . (to see if leaves are opposite or alternating )

By the way privet is in the olive family , but berries are said not to be edible
some privet that is not native is taking over in Southern IL.

Now I think In northern IL . our privet that is a ornamental is finally becoming invasive
(some seems to have fruited  once in 40 years
I have never saw berries form until a few years ago (and none since)
( but maybe fruited being weather related  that year)

Simple question

what does the berry look like inside

Is the seed tiny (if not may be privet)

Honeysuckle family should have very tiny seeds
privet seeds should be larger .

I am no expert, but that is only a guess ...

You never know if the college would plant non native privet '
if so could spread over a entire area ...


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