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Is a black sapote tree worth having?

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I'm very short on space and was wondering if it's worth it to have a black sapote tree?  I know it's a matter of opinion, but I would like to eat the fruit and not just 'collect.'   Do people with this fruit actually use it enough to warrant having a tree?   


Yes it is worth it, I've had it from three different sources or so - here's my takes:

First time having it .. it wasn't good. Second time I was given a lot and they were super mild on their own but delicious with condensed milk and ice, third time (different variety I suppose) they were actually quite good out of hand, not as mild as the previous times albeit still mild, I enjoyed some on their own, with peanut butter, and as a shake.

It’s definitely a personal preference thing. No one else in my family likes it but me. And here is how I enjoy it: smear it on raisin toast like jelly with some butter…. Dude……. Drool. Hahaha I have 10 seedlings going on 2.5 years going to try and fruit them.

Would recommend you try the fruit first, and in order for it to be good you gotta eat it really ripe 👍

Btw this tree is surprisingly high in vitamin C as well as Barbados cherry, would recommend growing either of those as personal health supplements.

Another positive is it ripens in the Winter


--- Quote from: achetadomestica on June 20, 2022, 09:34:37 PM ---Another positive is it ripens in the Winter

--- End quote ---

This is their biggest advantage to me, a nice change up from regular persimmons and there is not a lot that ripens in winter


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