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some jab pics for Adam

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Adam, here are some pics of my jab which I purchased from Jene's  nursery in Fl in April 2008 as a 7 gallon. Your theory about tip fruting being caused by shade is very plausible in my case as it only gets 5-6 hours of sun in the summer, though it is under lights for 12 hours a day during the winter.

Adam, any guess as to which cultiva/variety this may be

newly purchased in APRIL 08

as it was in June 08

blooming in august 08

fruiting in august 08

my jab today, in the garage for the winter under led light, in middle of huge of leaf push with couple of blooms



I'm far north as you too in Montreal!!! It's more cold than you out there, I think your winters are pretty mild instead of us... Really cold, -4F insn't rare.

Samuel Forest

Lycheeluva, your garage looks like an alien landing site! I've never seen jaboticabas look or fruit like that. I guess they are also acting out their alien role?  ::)


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