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Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Yuzu
« on: March 03, 2023, 03:07:35 PM »
There was a long discussion about the taste of Yuzu in Citrus Growers forum: Most Europeans valued Yuzu very much while Americans were mostly not positively impressed. The reason seems to be that the Yuzu varieties in Europe are not the same as in the States.

I think there is much difference between old world culinary tradition as well as openness to new taste and preferences in the US. Yuzu-rind is not bitter at all  ;)

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: F2 citrange winter hardiness trial
« on: February 24, 2023, 05:37:09 PM »
........... survived a low temperature of -12F. The survivors .......

-12 is -24,44C that's lower than some Poncirus trees would survive. Are you really sure?

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Zygotic Poncirus hybrids
« on: January 29, 2023, 05:18:51 AM »
Nice table! Data of Poncirus certainly depends on the cultivar. Poncirus can have 100% zygotic seeds or hardly 1%.

Never heard of 100% zygotic Poncirus

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: shiranui sumo citrus
« on: January 29, 2023, 05:17:20 AM »
Shiranui (Dekopon) is said to be hardy down to -10C. I have a tiny plant in a pot and cannot tell from my own experience

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Citrumelo
« on: January 16, 2023, 11:34:05 AM »

I think there are some members which have experiences with coldhardy citrus, but to receive answers you should ask more detailed what you are interested in. I e.g. I have a Yuzu since 3 winters in ground, froze to earth in winter after a low of - 15 C and has now recovered again or a Dunstan citrumelo seedlings two year old in ground took -13 C this winter - all survived, some with slight damages, others with none, depending on genetics and microclimate of place.

one thing I personally observed was, that C. ichangensis showed much more hardiness on its own roots than grafted on Poncirus. In direct comparison all grafted specimen died from cracks and all seedlings on its own roots survived with leaveloss. under exactly the same conditions. I will test yuzu on its own roots in future.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: F2 citrange winter hardiness trial
« on: January 13, 2023, 11:47:02 AM »

I guess the fruit size will improuve with the age.
Below are the fruits from my 20 years old tree harvested today. The season was hot, 12 Brix, practically no perceptible internal oils, good lemonade when diluted three fold.


Was that the fruit of your original 5* or of some improved seedling?  My 5* fruits have always a very long lasting bitter aftertaste. Even if they get somewhat sweet after a hot summer. Dunsten had a better taste. I used the juice.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Zygotic Poncirus hybrids
« on: January 13, 2023, 11:36:56 AM »
Ilya sent me some Poncirus+ seeds two years ago. There was some variation in the seedlings. And I would say there were also tetraploid seedlings. It is difficult though to count the exact number of zygotic seedlings. Most look too similar. They can be zygotic or not.

Batumi Citrumelo has zygotic seeds at least some at least when the right pollen is used. Batumi Citrumelo has a very good taste. But it is sour.

your batumi CM comes from ADAVO?

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Hamlin x Flying Dragon
« on: January 10, 2023, 11:21:17 AM »
Finally this year there is one fruit hanging. I missed  its flowers in the spring.

Ilya, did your HamlinXFD-Fruit get ripe?

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: My citrus collection [EU - Antwerp]
« on: January 09, 2023, 11:11:17 AM »
I have Kabosu from the budwood that I got from Roberto. The leaves are less round and have some suspicious wrinkles.

Ilya, can you remember, when did I send you this budwood? I think it came from a plant I have lost in the meantime. Originally from a Citrus-friend from Germany. Most likely it is not from Adavo (but I do nor know his source)

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: new thoughts on breeding hardier citrus
« on: August 24, 2022, 02:38:16 PM »
CRISPR/Cas will help  ;D

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Decent germination of "large fruited Poncirus"
« on: August 22, 2022, 04:15:40 PM »
No poncirus but a hybrid.

I suppose FA5 is less hardy than Morton. Why did you choose this rootstock?

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: new thoughts on breeding hardier citrus
« on: May 25, 2022, 03:15:53 PM »
Your yuzu is on its own roots or grafted?

which will have fruits with earlier maturity, if all works well - we' ll see 😅

Why do you think so?

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: U.S. 119...who is growing it?
« on: April 06, 2022, 05:14:00 AM »
Hmmm .... really "in some kind of english" :-) :-) :-) :-)  The automatic translation is totally insane.

All are grafted plants.

I do not know. Perhaps full dormancy of plants without interruption. From the beginning of November until the middle of February, the garden is completely sunless. In this period, the sun's rays will not reach even a minute over the surrounding houses.

Occasionally, the flowers look like roses. The appearance of the USA119 is very irregular.

I am with you: wintersun is a killer. If there is no full sun protection you can forget all stories about hardyness. One of my yuzus was killed by morning sun. Lowest was -6 or -7C!! The one in the shade is not damaged at all and Hanayuzu which was hit by evening sun has some cracks but will survive (hopefully)

Citrus General Discussion / Re: Winter care
« on: February 15, 2022, 02:04:38 PM »
At what temperature do you keep your plants? Citrus does not grow if temperatures are lower than 12C (53,6F). If you don't have good light it is better to keep citrus trees cold. Betrween 0 and 5C (32 - 41F) I think it is not a good idea to carry the plants around.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Citrumelo Nr. 82
« on: January 23, 2022, 03:37:44 PM »
thanks Mikkel, seems I have to regradt some of my Dunstans 😉, because I also see 5* better than Dunstan in taste.

5* is bad enogh! The bitterness is grave and long lasting and there is resin. Nearly as much as with my Poncirus.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Hybrid Nin-Kat-MandarinXPoncirus
« on: December 15, 2021, 07:00:44 AM »
Is Nin Kat itself particularly hardy? I saw a plant in Eisenhut's garden in July.

I am not sure, but I think I mixed up Ninkat and Sunki. I think this is PTxSunki -US812 from seed.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Hybrid Nin-Kat-MandarinXPoncirus
« on: December 13, 2021, 10:55:07 AM »
The fruit reached maturity by now.

Good fruity smell without poncirus note, juicy, acid,  bitter like calamondin, a little bit of internal oils sticking to the dents.

Thank you, Ilya. Looks very nice! Mine did not flower yet but is a very nice tree with dense round crown (high grafted on poncirus) Maybe this year!

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: hybrids with precocious Poncirus
« on: November 30, 2021, 06:00:51 AM »
I noticed some strange incompatibility of precocious poncirus.
It can be grafted and successfully grown on standard poncirus roots, but  when  grafted to 5star citrumelo, grows several centimeters before dropping its leaves. I have such graft that is dormant already  for two years.


I have a precocious PT seedling that flowered in its second year but did not develop leaves in the following years. It is now 5 years old, still alive but did not grow at all. It is still on its own roots.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: new thoughts on breeding hardier citrus
« on: November 30, 2021, 05:46:18 AM »
Have you ever thought of Ichang Papeda? Is it suitable for your climate zone?
Ichang Papeda grows much better than Poncirus and some flower after 3 years, but not all.
Poncirus grows so unspeakably slowly that I am already wondering whether it is at all suitable for my climate.


there is quite a lot of variety with PT seedlings. Some are vigorous others not at all. You have to select the vigorous ones.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Hamlin x Flying Dragon
« on: November 30, 2021, 05:06:12 AM »
I am quite sure that my seeds came from Andi Voss. He shared what he had got from Riverside with some other people. One of them was me  ;)

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: yellow branches on poncirus
« on: October 15, 2021, 02:34:09 PM »
Yellow twigs are a sign of some kind of lack of nutrients.

Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Yuzu... my new obsession!
« on: October 15, 2021, 02:24:31 PM »
Yuzu Nr 3 is said to be the best and most frost hardy but I think the range of variation is not that big.

It seems that there are F2-Citrumelos with mono-leaves. The discription of taste does not fit a F1-Citrumelo  ::)

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