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Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: Akebia how long wait for fruit
« on: March 10, 2021, 01:30:24 PM »
the description is reminiscent of Chayote, which spreads far from its original seed, both in the earth and above. If it really fruits even the first or second year, it is worth trying it.

As far as I know, there's a self-pollinating Che variety. Unless you can get that one, you'll need a male tree too.
probably palmaverde in Holland have the self pollinating variety. DMKert in Hungary say it is theoretically self-fertile, but better plant a male one too.

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: Akebia how long wait for fruit
« on: March 09, 2021, 08:45:43 AM »
thank you, Daintree. Since you say the seeds are bitter, this means you chew them to know their taste. So, they cannot be so hard as, for example, opuntia cactus seeds (Opuntia Engelmannii, see my profile picture) which are too hard to be chewed by any human.

Today i was looking in my yard for a sunny place to plant Akebia, well there is a spot where Akebia can be planted to receive plenty of sunlight, but i wonder, maybe in zone 9b can they grow and fruit well in half-shade?

this site says Cudrania tricuspidata "Gives fruit without pollination", but here they say "both male and female plants must be grown if seed is required". So i m a little confused. I m thinking to plant two female trees, will they fruit or not? Maybe they will fruit but with seedless fruit? (even better, if that is the case). What is your experience?

By the way, any advice on watering and exposure to sun? Does Che prefer sun or shade?

thank you!

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: Akebia how long wait for fruit
« on: March 08, 2021, 12:41:24 PM »
Thank you Daintree! You say the seeds are bitter. Can't we simply swallow the seeds so as not to taste them? Aren't they small enough to swallow? What do you do with the seeds, chew them or swallow without chewing? I have read that the pods are very tasty after you keep them in water overnight to remove the bitterness, the Japanese stuff them with mince meat and cook (or soy mince if you avoid meat). This sounds like the old Greek recipe of stuffing zucchini with mince and rice and cook. Worth trying.
I could not buy until now because i could not find quinata and trifoliata together, now i found two places to buy both, good luck!

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Akebia how long wait for fruit
« on: March 07, 2021, 11:04:01 AM »
Hi! i have never seen an akebia unless in photos, so can you please inform me about the fruit: how long will it take to produce fruit since i plant it? In other words, how old should the plant be to produce fruit? Do the fruit fall from the vine when ripe? I have read that the fruit "case" is bitter, but does it lose all bitterness if kept overnight in water? Or should we notch it before immersing in water to remove the bitterness? How would you describe the taste of the pulp and of the "casing" of the fruit? Are flowers or leaves eatable?
Any known danger to the vines like maybe harmed by direct sunlight? Harmed by shade? Harmed by watering during winter? How tolerant to wind? To occasional snow?
In the few recent years here temperature did not go below zero, but usually there is snow once every year.
Thank you!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Looking for ID
« on: January 01, 2021, 04:01:40 PM »
search about syzygium.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Macadamia peeled raw nuts sprouting
« on: January 01, 2021, 03:54:52 PM »
When i was in Australia, i could find macadamia nuts with shells in some shops. If i remember well, they costed 22 AUD per kilo.
Now, i have never tried to germinate macadamia with shell or without, but when i soak nuts for eating i have seen that almonds do germinate, and the easiest to germinate is raw peanuts: i did not intend them to germinate, but they did when i soaked them to eat. By this logic, i believe macadamia without shell may germinate too, but they should be totally raw and whole. If they are e.g. dried, they will not germinate, like cacao seeds sold for food, they do not germinate although raw, because they are dehydrated to be sold.
Now, i you are serious for macadamia, i suggest do not try seeds. Seedlings are available from many sellers on the internet. So, order and buy seedlings.

Hi! Are the Eugenia klotzschiana seeds edible?

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / preparing new order
« on: December 26, 2020, 08:37:21 AM »
Hi! i m preparing my new order from you, i went to and saw various payment methods there, i suppose the best would be to "send", how much money is taken by the system, suppose i order for 40 euro, then airtm keeps for themselves how much?
Then, i m planning to buy two kinds of seeds from you and have one of them for free to recompense for the pacuri seeds that arrived dead due to delay. One will be the Annona montana. What kind of Annona montana can you currently send, that "* Graviola de montaña, Colonia Delicia, 885 gr, (new)"? or the yellow fleshed from Misiones, or the white fleshed from Misiones?
I suggest, please put a number to each species that you sell, so we can refer easier to it. Thanks

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: bean sprouter for germinating other seeds
« on: December 26, 2020, 07:35:58 AM »
Hi! i have never tried the paper towel method because i suspect a paper towel may keep the seeds too wet, and perhaps the new seedlings might be not strong enough to push through the wet towel. But if others have succeeded with that, i shall try it with a few seeds.
Another suspicion - question: can it work to keep the seeds in a small container without drainage holes while giving little water only, or should i cut apertures at the bottom of those cut-half plastic bottles?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / bean sprouter for germinating other seeds
« on: December 25, 2020, 02:45:56 PM »
Hi! this year i got a bean sprouter machine, it is very simple, just keeps temperature inside at 25 C and showers the seeds for a few seconds every one hour. I thought it would be ideal for germinating seeds that need no cold stratification. It does work well for mango seeds. However, i tried with small seeds like papaya, guava, and Jarilla caudata: put in a plastic cup with many holes for drainage but no soil, just naked seeds kept warm and humid in the machine. To my surprise, nothing of these has germinated! A real surprise, because papaya seeds from market fruit just thrown on the ground sprouted like weeds every springtime, guava germinated easily outdoors and all Jarilla seeds i sowed outdoors this past summer germinated - although no plant survived, the sly cats damaged the young shoots and the last one was destroyed because of heavy soil and strong winds of early winter while it was still too tender. Anyway, all those did germinate outdoors, but they are not germinating in the bean sprouter machine. Can somebody explain it?
After that, i put some seeds in clean potting soil and keep them moist in cut halves of plastic bottles at room temperature indoors, but those cut halves do not drain, they rely on evaporation for keeping not too wet. Even those in the potting soil have not germinated, about 5 days now. Some light of experience on the matter? thanks!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Mystery Fruit - please help ID
« on: December 06, 2020, 02:27:38 PM »
i thought the same, santol. You will be sure about it when you cannot separate the flesh from the seed: the fruit flesh is strongly attached to the seed, so you cannot spit out the seed without some flesh clinging on it. This is proof for a santol. Quite tasty though.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: how much watering in how cold weather?
« on: December 06, 2020, 02:21:54 PM »
Don't water at all if in ground and it rains every 2 weeks. You really in marginal climate. You will need to plant 3 years old mango trees in ground, any young than that and they likely die. Established trees will survive cold better.
thank you for good advice! Of your 7 mango seeds, 4 have taken root in containers, a fifth one is now sprouting, the other two perhaps sprout later. I keep them inside home, but since a few days the central heating is not working and temperature goes down to 16 C indoors. I hope it will be fixed soon.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: how much watering in how cold weather?
« on: November 30, 2020, 11:05:57 AM »
Depends what you are watering, whether or not the plant goes dormant in the cold season, and the type of soil you have. As an example, I water my avocados 3 times weekly in summer and once every 1-2 weeks in winter if there is no rain.
From now on it is winter, and it is likely to rain at least once every 2 weeks, so until the end of February i better not water at all. Then during March and April i suppose it is safe to leave them without water for 7 days. What i watered and lost was mainly two Gomera3 mango seedlings about 2 years old, and an Annona hybrid "red Israel" bought from Canarius, which was growing quickly all through summer and autumn (grew to a man's height, little shorter than 2 metres), the soil seems to drain very well there but the seedlings were quite healthy until March, rather until the end of March, then they withered. Also, now i remember, a Phyllanthus emblica (amla) which grew well until the start of winter but no longer. That latter, Phyllanthus, was supposed to grow very well here, it was clearly my mistake to overwater it and not set it in a well drained spot.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / how much watering in how cold weather?
« on: November 29, 2020, 03:18:42 PM »
I have learnt the hard way (by losing promising and expensive plants) that we must not water in cold season. But now it is a changeable weather, during the day we had +18 C while during the night it reached +12 C, near the coast that is (on the hill nearby it reached 0 C a few days ago). So, how cold should it be to stop watering altogether? How much can we water when it is around +10 C? and about +5 C? Is there some practical rule about it?
I appreciate if you share your expertise.

See this blog for a lot of infos
The author collects rare edible plants and their wild relatives. He also sells most of the plants he writes about on his Ebay. I have ordered cuttings and seeds from him before and can recommend it, he packages them very well.
It sounds great! thanks!

Interesting... Do you have pictures?
i can take some pictures, there are still some fruit hanging on the bush, but apart from an exotic appearance, huge leaves, pretty flowers and pretty fruit, it is not worth growing it as edible. The fruit are usually not palatable and they give a stinging sensation to the palate, behind the upper gums.
It is much better to grow Cyphomandra betacea (the commercial cyphomandra) which makes gorgeous big shiny leaves, small but beautiful and fragrant flowers, and much bigger and tasty fruit. And it is hardy to zone 9b.
A little bit more hardy than C. betacea are C. sibundoyensis (i have not succeeded in growing it, they say it makes much bigger fruit than C. betacea) and C. cajanumensis which has not (yet) given me any fruit, only the taste description i found on the internet seems very good (fruit size unknown, probably varies, sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller than C. betacea).

Since information is scarce about the rarer Cyphomandras, i m sharing my experience, the first year it produced lots of flowers but they all fell without producing fruit. The second year some flowers fell immature, but most of them turned to fruit, without pollination from a second plant. The fruit is the size of an olive, some are the size of a big fat olive, while others are the size of a small olive; anyway, they are generally not palatable, while some of them might be called nearly tasty, mostly their taste is usually that of a lightly baked eggplant with some fruity sweetness added, and just as often eggplants, the c. corymbiflora fruit give a biting/stinging sensation to the palate (solanoiid alcaloids i suppose); the fruit skin is very thin and soft, so they should be eaten with the skin (after they fall from the bush and get soft to finger pressure; before that, they are hard like wood); however, the fruit, which smell like tomato leaves when picked, if kept for a little while they give a fragrance similar to feijoa. In small quantities they can make an interesting addition to a fruit salad. There is no copyright about this information, you can share with anyone.

i send you pm. Although my previous Gomera3 failed, i can try again, surely will endure outdoors once established. How much is it for 3 seeds and how much for 5 seeds plus shipment to North Greece, as previous order?

Hi! Thanks for updating your spreadsheet with available plants and seeds. For you in Junin it is early springtime now, while for Europe it is early autumn, so i cannot plant seeds from now until the spring of 2021 (unless if the seeds need cold stratification, then it is good to sow in winter and wait them to germinate in spring).
The other fact is that i have very little space for planting, so i can only grow small trees that produce rather big fruit (my best options now are Graviola de montana and Yacaratia. I abandon the plan for pacuri).
Will you send me some seeds to recompense the damage of the 5 pacuri seeds during delayed transport? If you do so, then i shall make a new order for 5 seeds (in March, not now) and then you send me the 5 compensatory seeds in the same envelope, so i pay for 5 seeds and shipment and get the 5 seeds plus another 5 complimentary (compensatory) seeds from you. Do you agree?
Also, if you can send any scions overseas, please include them in your spreadsheet together with your seeds (when the quarantine is over, i wish to buy also some scions from you, if that is practicable for the situation). Thank you.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Gardening by the moon-phases
« on: October 09, 2020, 09:44:10 AM »
you may delete this if you think it is not exactly on the topic, the Chinese calendar gives every day information on what are the auspicious and inauspicious activities, the most common being these, and you can see many of them concern agriculture directly (the rest, indirectly)
I give you my word it works. Once while i was breaking some clods a chip jumped to my eye, there was a bloody spot for about 3 days; after it happened, i saw it was a day improper for "breaking earth"; just an example to show you how it works.
So the most common activities dealt with are:
祭祀 sacrifice, ritual / θυσίες, τελετές
嫁娶 wedding / τέλεση γάμου
開光 to inaugurate a place or a utensil for burning a sacrificial / ritual fire / εγκαινιασμός τόπου για άναμμα ιερής φωτιάς
伐木 to cut / break wood / fell trees / κόψιμο ξύλου ή δέντρων
出火 to take a ritual / sacrificial fire to another place / μεταφορά (τόπου) ιερής φωτιάς
拆卸 to take things apart, to divide / διάλυση, διαίρεση
入宅 to enter a new residence / είσοδος σε νέα κατοικία
移徙 to transplant or to move house or premises / μεταφύτευση ή μετακόμιση
修造 to construct / κατασκευή ή χτίσιμο
動土 to move earth, ie to start building / μετακίνηση γής, δηλαδή ξεκίνημα για χτίσιμο
上樑 to raise a beam / joist onto its place / ύψωση κ τοποθέτηση δοκού
安床 to (ritually) secure a bed from evil influences / τελετουργική ασφάλιση κρεββατιού
納畜 to receive (or buy) domestic animals for raising / παραλαβή κατοικιδίων ζώων
開市 to open a shop (stall, marketplace etc) / άνοιγμα μαγαζιού ή πρατηρίου
行喪 to lament / θρήνος ή κλάμα
栽種 to plant or sow / σπορά ή φύτεμα
出行 to start a journey / trip / να ξεκινήσεις ταξίδι
出貨財 to invest money or valuables / να επενδύσεις χρήματα ή αγαθά
安葬 to bury a corpse / να θάψεις
置產 to acquire any real property / να αποκτήσεις ακίνητη περιουσία ή επιχείρηση
詞訟 to express a dissent / go to law court / να εκφράσεις διαφωνία ή να πάς σε δικαστήριο
治病 (try to) heal any disease / να προσπαθήσεις να θεραπεύσεις ασθένεια ή πάθηση
納采 collect (e.g. fruit), harvest / συγκομιδή
prayer prayer / προσευχή
解除 to throw away rubbish or get rid of any impurity or evil influence / αποβολή σκουπιδιών, ακαθαρσίας ή φθονερής επήρειας
謝土 to give thanks to the earth (by libations, offerrings or hymns) / να ευχαριστήσεις τη γή (με σπονδές, προσφορές ή ύμνους)
交易 to trade / ανταλλαγή ή εμπόριο
作灶 to construct a stove or a hearth or a utensil for cooking / κατασκευή εστίας ή σκεύους για θέρμανση ή μαγείρεμα
安門to (ritually) secure a door / gate from evil influences / τελετουργική ασφάλιση πόρτας
蓋屋 to cover (ie) roof a house / επικάλυψη σπιτιού, κατασκευή στέγης
酬神 to please the spirits (incorporeal souls) by offerings (of food, incense, etc) / να ευχαριστήσεις το Θεό ή πνεύματα μέσω προσφορών (τροφής, θυμιάματος κλπ)
訂盟 to enter an alliance or betrothal / να αποφανθείς για (=να κάνεις) συμμαχία ή αρραβώνα
冠笄 to receive a cap (of a man) or hairpin (of a woman) as a token of entering adulthood; any ceremony of entering adulthood / τελετή ενηλικίωσης (παραδοσιακά, με λήψη ειδικού καλύμματος της κεφαλής απο τους άντρες κ καρφίτσας για τα μαλλιά απο τις γυναίκες)
裁衣 to cut cloth for making garments; to make garments; to have new garments made; to buy new clothes / να κόψεις ύφασμα, να φτιάξεις ή να παραγγείλεις ή να αγοράσεις ρούχα
安香to (ritually) secure incense from evil influences / τελετουργική ασφάλιση θυμιάματος (με πρώτη χρήση του συγκεκριμένου θυμιάματος)
入殮 to put a corpse in a coffin / τοποθέτηση νεκρού σώματος μέσα σε φέρετρο
移柩 to relocate a coffin / μετακίνηση φερέτρου
啟鑽 to open a hole (including a hole in the earth for burial) / άνοιγμα τρύπας (καθώς κ λάκκου για ενταφιασμό)
取漁 to catch fish, go fishing / ψάρεμα
捕捉 to catch, arrest (wild animals, criminals etc) / σύλληψη (θηραμάτων, κακοποιών, κλπ)
求醫 to seek or visit a doctor / να αναζητήσεις ή να επισκεφθείς γιατρό
破屋 to demolish / να γκρεμίσεις σπίτι
餘事勿取=all other activities are not 宜 = (other than mentioned) all activities are improper on this day; when you see this note, it means that the whole day is very negative / "όλες οι δραστηριότητες είναι ακατάλληλες": σε όποια μέρα γράφεται αυτό, σημαίνει οτι η μέρα έχει πολύ αρνητικό χαρακτήρα, είναι αντίξοη
求嗣 to seek a successor, to pray for offspring / αναζήτηση διαδόχου, προσευχή για απόκτηση απογόνου
齋醮 to fast, abstain from all food / νηστεία (ιδεωδώς, αποχή απο κάθε τροφή)
塑繪 to make an image of a deity / κατασκευή ιερής εικόνας ή ειδώλου θεότητος
沐浴 to wash or bathe / πλύσιμο, λουτρό
豎柱 to set up a pillar / στήσιμο κίονα
納財 (try to) collect money / προσπάθεια λήψης (οφειλομένων) χρημάτων ή αγαθών
破土 to break up (clods of) earth / σπάσιμο σβώλων χώματος, σβάρνισμα
放水 to water (e.g. a field or garden) / πότισμα γής
除服 to take off (ie stop wearing) mourning clothes / να βγάλεις (=να πάψεις να φοράς) ρούχα πένθους
成服 to make (ie start wearing) mourning clothes / να φτιάξεις ή να αρχίσεις να φοράς ρούχα πένθους
立碑 to set up a stele, a monumental stone / στήσιμο στήλης (πέτρας για διαιώνιση δόξας)
合帳 to make a curtain / tent, to set up a tent / κατασκευή κουρτίνας ή σκηνής
安機械 to (ritually) secure a machine from evil influences; to use a machine for the first time / τελετουργική ασφάλιση μηχανήματος, επίσημη έναρξη χρήσης μηχανήματος
造倉 to construct a store house / store room / κατασκευή αποθήκης
經絡 to weave nets / πλέξιμο (κατασκευή) διχτυών
開池 to open a pond (ie let water out of a pond / pool) / άνοιγμα στέρνας, απελευθέρωση νερού απο στέρνα
立券 to set up a contract / an important agreement / σύναψη συμφωνίας ή συμβολαίου
作樑 to construct a bridge or beam / κατασκευή δοκού (ή γέφυρας)
針灸 accupuncture, moxibustion, medical operations / χρήση βελονισμού ή μόξας, ή οποιαδήποτε εγχείρηση
牧養 to tend or feed animals / βόσκηση, φροντίδα ζώων
開渠 to open a canal / ditch for watering the earth / άνοιγμα καναλιού ή χαντακιού για πότισμα
掘井 to dig for a well / σκάψιμο για πηγάδι
會親友 to make new friends or meet with friends / να κάνεις νέους φίλους ή να συναντήσεις φίλους
掛匾 to hang a sign board (e.g. of a shop) / να αναρτήσεις πινακίδα (π.χ. επιγραφή καταστήματος)
平治道塗 to level out roads, to construct roads / εξομάλυνση, κατασκευή δρόμων
探病 to diagnose a disease / διάγνωση ασθένειας
掃舍to sweep (or mop) the floor / σκούπισμα ή σφουγγάρισμα πατώματος
進人口 to add a new member to your home (e.g. by adopting) / να προσθέσεις ένα ακόμη στόμα στην οικογένεια (κυρίως εννοεί υιοθέτηση)
餘事勿取 all other activities – do not try. When you see this note, it means a day of very negative energy / "όλες τις άλλες δραστηριότητες (εκτός απο εκείνες που αναφέρθηκαν ώς κατάλληλες για τη μέρα) - μήν τις πιάσεις": σε όποια μέρα γράφεται αυτό, σημαίνει οτι η μέρα γενικώς έχει αρνητικό, αντίξοο χαρακτήρα
納婿 to receive a daughter in law / να υποδεχθείς για πρώτη φορά στο σπίτισου τη νύφη (γυναίκα γιούσου)
壞垣 to destroy (demolish) a wall or fence / να χαλάσεις τοίχο (ή φράχτη)
理髮 to cut or shave hair / κόψιμο μαλλιών ή ξύρισμα
造橋 to construct a bridge / κατασκευή γέφυρας
塞穴 to block up holes / να βουλώσεις τρύπες
整手足甲 manicure or pedicure; to cut finger nails / toe nails / κόψιμο ή λιμάρισμα νυχιών
造車器 to make a car / wagon or parts thereof / κατασκευή οχήματος ή μερών οχήματος
補垣 to repair a wall / fence / επισκευή τοίχου ή φράχτη
造畜稠 to construct a barn (housing) for animals / κατασκευή σταύλου, κατοικίας ζώων

i have received an answer, still i m a little hesitant, because you talk about pots with wholes, the website you linked says pot without holes but still within a pond - on the other hand i have no pond! The plant is still in a topless plastic bottle and next to it is a basin about 35cm wide and less than 70cm long (sorry, i have no measuring tape in inches) planning to transfer it to the basin as an indoors plant.
I had two nelumbo plants outside in the backyard in long glass vases, they were growing alright, the water in the vases collected lots of dust flying from all around, also stray leaves and sometimes little immature fruit from the tree above, so there was apparently no lack of nutrients but the leaves, immature fruits and stuff that fell in their vase rotted, also sometimes the water level lowered (i did not think necessary to keep it high), then after a few months the nelumbo two plants rotted together with the foreign stuff that was collected in their vases.
So my worry is that if i put gardening soil (turf), that turf may rot; if i put soil from the garden, that is not clean, contains organic matter, weed seeds, insect eggs, germs and such. If i put sand from the beach, and some of that water-life fertilizer, it sounds like that has good chances to support the plant.
Has anyone experience of growing a nelumbo indoors?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Nelumbo nucifera - what do you feed to it?
« on: October 07, 2020, 03:48:29 AM »
Hi all,
as you know Nelumbo is planted by scatching (scarifying) its shell and then putting in water, adding water as it grows. My question is: will it live in water only? In nature, it spreads roots in the mud bottom of a pond; but as we grow it in a bucket, should we leave it with water only? Or should we add mud to the bucket, or sand, or some other substances that the Nelumbo plant can use to draw nutrients? What do you add to the water?

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Pepino Dulce cuttings & plants
« on: September 26, 2020, 10:20:46 AM »
Kevin, they should be fine under the oaks.
Put a few in the ground ! And back em up by making some more baby clones.

Giannhs, try giving them some direct morning or late afternoon sun for better fruit set.
Easy to clone so make more plants and keep trialing where they fruit best for you.
The Lulo have a pollinator issue here, they started getting pollinated when I planted more tree tomatoes and then this big bumblebee started visiting and thats the pollinator.
From what all people say, it was a mistake to plant Pepinos in a shady place and that without trellis or support; there are no slugs, but the Pepinos have a difficulty standing up by themselves as i saw. Pardon me if it is a stupid question, how do you clone the Pepinos?

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