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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: today's haul from 99 ranch
« on: June 05, 2014, 02:21:04 AM »
Hi Everyone, I was in Little Saigon (Westminster, CA) and the fruit markets had Rambutan, Lychee, Jack, Sapodilla, Longan, and what they said were FRESH not frozen Durian. I can confirm they were smelly and warm when I saw them last week. I picked up Lychee's, a bag of Mangosteen, and a bag of Rambutan. This time around, the Lychee's were very juicy but the Rambutan stole the show...very, very tasty~ as they have been hit and miss in the past. They also had yellow and orange Jack portioned and ready to go. No doubt all was irradiated but I have grown seeds from the fruits I have eaten there in the, you never know. Chris

Glad I brought the funny! I wanted to fire that email so fast I got ahead of myself...C'est la vie as they say. The follow-up's to my post really made my day...especially since I had forgotten about it. Take care~Chris

Hi Mikesid, Just wondering if you can ship the Llama (or any plants) to California? Thanks!

The only place I have seen them was at Mimosa Nursery in E. L.A. Hope it helps. ~Chris

Hi Ed, I have only had the fruit from my tree and it has been hit and miss taste wise. I think once the fruits mature I may pay a "visit" to the old street tree to see If there is any differences. I notice how large some of the fruits in the thread were and mine have only reached golfball size at the most. Chris

P.S Thanks for the welcome everyone

I have an SK about 5-6ft tall and It's been a a fruiting maniac since I planted it last year. So far I have had 2 crops...1st with 15 fruit and 20 this year. Taste is good...At least my picky 5 year old Girl likes that's saying something.


Hi Everyone!  This is my first post, though I've been observing for ages. You all are awesome and inspiring- thanks for all the great reading. Now onto my input...I have a Feijoa (planted way before I bought my house) that is roughly 8ft tall (was about 10ft before heavy pruning last year). I do nothing for the tree except to fertilize. The tree puts on a beautiful show in the early Spring and produces a decent crop every year. I have a 1/3rd of an acre in O.C, California with quite a few other trees and flowers in the yard at all times of the year and can confirm the presence of honey bees in the tree. Sorry I don't have a picture handy. My tree is sandwiched between a 20ft Fuerte Avocado and an unknown variety 12ft Mandarin tree facing West. I have read that they do not like much water around flowering time and so I stop any additional watering once it flowers...though I rarely water it in the first place. I will say that when we first moved into our house that I (and still) do not know a great deal about this crazy world of fruit trees and thus didn't fertilize the tree at all. The results was a paltry crop of plus or minus 10 good fruit. I began to fertilize thereafter and this year the tree was literally mostly flowers vs. leaves a month and a half ago. Looks like a better crop to me (finger's crossed). BTW there is a tree up my street that looks to be at least 50-80 (maybe more) years old and it looks so cool....The trunk looks to be about a foot plus in diameter and gnarled...similar to an old Olive tree. I wasn't sure it was what I thought It was so I waited until my tree bloomed and kept watch over the old tree...sure enough It was loaded with the usual pinkish/red flowers. Last thing on my brain right now Is that I do also have a lot of birds...and also a lot of humming birds in my yard..don't know If they are attracted to the flower's or not but they seem to like every flowering plant in my yard. Take care and thanks again~Chris

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